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Marriage Proposals
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Able B/G Lawyer mother from Colombo suburb, seeks professionally and academically qualified, well brought up, pleasant daugher willing to migrate, for her Australian citizen IT Consultant, handsome young looking son aged 37 years, height 5’6” TT/NS. Will inherit substantial assets. Reply with horoscope, full family details and telephone number. Email: [email protected]

Absolutely pretty and educated daughter is sought by S/B parents in SL for their academically, professionally well qualified, good-looking son, 32, a University Lecturer in the UK. Non-malefic horoscopes only please. Reply with details [email protected]

Academically and Professionally qualified pretty Daughter is sought by parents for their Son 30yrs 5’7” employed at foreign consulting company in Sri Lanka drawing six figure salary as Business Analyst owns modern House under construction at Malabe and Car.Reply family details and horoscope. [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified pretty partner sought by sister living in Switzerland for brother who is 30 years old, 5’7”, currently reading a PhD in Switzerland. Please reply with family details. Email: [email protected] Tel. 0041763482114.

Academically professionally qualified daughter willing to migrate is sought by G/B/K retired professional parents from Colombo for 33 yrs, 5’10’’, Australian citizen since 2006, educated (IT) and working as Performance Analyst in a semi government organization. Please reply with family details and horoscope [non malefic] [email protected]

Academically qualified Bride is sought by Govi Parents for son born in 1982 attached to a leading educational institution drawing a six figure salary. Kuja in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 12 preferred. Write / Email to [email protected] with family details and copy of horoscope.

Academically qualified bride is sought by Govi parents for son born in 1982, 5’7” T/T & N.S. Marine Engineer M.Sc (UK). Please reply with family details & horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Academically qualified kind hearted daughter below 32 years is sought by Bodu Govi parents from Kandy for their 35 yrs old son living and working in the UK. He is 5’8’’ tall and medium in complexion. Reply with the horoscope and family details to: [email protected] Kuja in the 7th house only. G64456

Academically qualified kind hearted pretty daughter sought by respectable G/B parents residing in Melbourne Australia for their well mannered, 25+ Years handsome kind hearted NS / TT, 5’8’’, decent looking son. He has educated from a leading school in Melbourne and having a BSc degree in Finance and currently completing CPA. He is working as a Financial Controller to a Multinational company in Sydney, looking for an educated daughter for a relationship that can lead to a marriage. Preferable a family living in Australia. Please reply with family details contact number horoscope. Caste immaterial. [email protected]

Academically qualified partner sought by Govi Christian parents from Colombo for their handsome and well-mannered son, 28 years, height 5’10”, Australian citizen and employed as an analyst at a leading financial institution in Melbourne drawing an excellent salary. Graduated from a reputed Australian university after completing secondary education at a leading private Anglican school and will be inheriting property and other assets from Colombo. Please reply with family details to: [email protected] Tel: 0112714877.

Academically qualified pleasant Daughter is sought by Buddhist parents in Colombo for smart Son, 28 (May 87), 5’7”, Bachelor of ICT (Network Engineering), Citizen of Australia, employed in Sydney. Younger Brother lives in New Zealand. Vishwa/ Durawa, Caste immaterial. Reply with horoscope, Contact number. Email: [email protected]

Academically qualified pretty slim daughter willing to migrate is sought by Catholic parents for professionally US qualified 1981 born NS/TT 5’6’’, fair, smart Software Engineer son working in prestigious US Software Company. Education upto A/L leading College Sri Lanka. Inherits assets. [email protected]

A pretty fair academically and professionally qualified well mannered daughter preferably living in Australia or willing to migrate is sought by respectable professional Buddhist Durawa / Govi parents living in Australia for their smart handsome 6’ TT/NS son employed as a Senior Engineer of a Government organisation. He is an Australian citizen 29 years, honest kind caring and compassionate brought up with Buddhist Sinhalese values. He completed B.Sc. Engineering and M.Sc. Engineering Science and graduated from a prestigious University of Australia, owns assets in Australia. Please reply with family details and horoscope to [email protected] Contact No. 0112914680. G64542

BG parents from New Zealand seek pretty caring educated daughter for their teaching fellow PhD student 35 yrs. 5ft 11 ins. preferably Kandyan. If seriously interested please reply with horoscope and details. [email protected]

Bodu Govi parents from a famous business family in Galle, seek a well mannered, pretty girl (Preferred who have PR in UK) from a respectable family for their only son, 25 yrs, N/S, T/T well mannered who has done Masters and currently working in UK. Please reply with the family details and horoscope in first letter or email to [email protected]

Buddhist Deva / Govi business parents from Colombo suburbs seek a pretty educated daughter who’s willing to migrate for their handsome elder son with sober habits, 37 years, 5’8”, CIMA / CPA qualified and works as an Accountant in Australia. Please reply with family details, Telephone No. and horoscope (Non-malefic only). E-mail : [email protected] Tel. 0112911410.

Buddhist Govi dual citizen parents seek pretty educated well-mannered daughter with an impeccable character from a respectable family for 5’7”, 28 yrs. handsome PhD University Lecturer son in Australia. He has substantial assets and his only brother is a married PhD Lecturer. Please send family details. Confidentiality assured. [email protected]

Buddhist Karawa parents residing in Colombo seek pleasant educated daughter for their 33 years 5’8” handsome son graduated from a UK university in IT, presently owner of a web venture. Caste immaterial. Please reply with family details and horoscope to [email protected]

Buddhist, Govi parents seek for academically qualified caring daughter for their son 5’7”, 28 years, educated in a leading Buddhist College in Colombo. He’s a BSc Graduate and employed as a Senior Software Engineer in a leading software company; meantime he’s reading for a MSc. Inherits a 3 storied house located in Colombo 5, plus millions worth of substantial assets. Reply with horoscope. Email: [email protected]

B/G Kandyan handsome son 28 yrs, 5’ 8” BEng. graduated Civil Engineer worked UK. Now working Sri Lanka. Expecting migrating back. A daughter living in UK, Australia, overseas preferred. Email: [email protected]

B/G parents living in Canada seek a well-mannered educated pretty, fair, slim daughter below 27 years and willing to settle in Canada from a respectable family for their 27 years old, 5’7” tall medium built non-smoker software engineer son well-brought up with Sri Lankan culture. Kuja in 12th House. Email: [email protected] Contact: 0912-258003.

B/K parents seek pretty, absolutely fair, slim, educated partner with family values from a good family below 30 yrs. for their son TT/NS handsome, fair with a pleasing personality 36 yrs., 5’7”, PhD in Engineering, will be in Sri Lanka end February. Reply with full details and copy of horoscope. Email : [email protected]

Christian / Anglican parents in Melbourne Australia seeking educated pretty daughter less than 29y, for their elder son 30y, 5’4” with sober habits. Working as an IT Manager. Write to: [email protected]

Colombo based wealthy G/B parents with substantial assets seek for their only son 32 years, 5’ 6” height handsome well educated with sober habits director family business, well brought up educated pretty bride from similar background. Email address: [email protected]

Colombo G/B parents seek educated pretty daughter for their son, 1988, 5’6” graduated from UK holding senior position in IT inherits substantial assets non malefic horoscope Guru 1, 2, 7, 8 preferred (will be migrated future) [email protected] 0114910736.

Educated parents Nugegoda looking for an educated attractive daughter below 30 yrs for their son living in Australia (PR holder) 33 yrs, 5’6” handsome doing a respectable job. Our daughter also an Australian citizen. Please reply with horoscope & family details. [email protected]

Govi Catholic parents from Colombo suburbs seek pretty fair girl below 20 for younger son 24, 5’10” fair A.C.C.A. equity Analyst in Sri Lanka non-smoker teetotaller owns assets brother Doctor Sri Lankans in Canada preferred. Will be in Canada soon. [email protected] Tel. 4386002.

G/B professional parents from Colombo seek a well mannered academically qualified partner from a respectable family for their son 5’4” born June 1987 decent well mannered and devoid of all vices. He is academically and professionally qualified and works in a reputed private conglomerate in Colombo. His horoscope has Kuja in 8th position, elder sister is a Research Scientist, married and working in New Zealand. Email : [email protected]

I am 39 years male living in Australia Buddhist father retired Police Officer in Kandy one brother seeking a partner in well educated loving caring person she must be genuine and sincere pleasant looking well organized in his personal life. Fluent in English independent and responsible kind heated & willing to migrate to Australia. I am a simple guy working in government sector (low enforcement) I have done postgraduate in Australia divorced after 9 years of marriage due to mismatch no kids. Horoscope Kuja 8. Contact [email protected] for more details horoscope is preferred with the reply sent from my i phone

Malay father seeks bride from only Malays for son 32 yrs. well employed, overseas, will be on short leave in March. Pls. mail details to [email protected] 0112738505.

Moor parents residing abroad seek a pretty, fair, educated bride below 24 years for their son, 25 years, 5’ 8”, fully qualified CIMA and a degree holder, working abroad. [email protected]

Muslim parents from Colombo looking for religious, average education willing to migrate and presentable bride below 26 from a respectable family for their only one son qualified, fair, 29, 5’ 8”, inherited property in Colombo currently working in a leading bank in Dubai. Email: [email protected]

Nugegoda GB well connected parents are in search of a kind and smart looking daughter less than 28 yrs. for their son 5’8” educated at Trinity College Kandy with excellent acceptance - academically and professionally qualified Project Manager working for a highly reputed Software Company in Colombo. He drives a latest car and his 2 storeyed duplex (Nugegoda) is getting completed for occupation. 0112833227 for details (after 7 p.m.). Write with horoscope and family details to [email protected]

Porfessionally /academically qualified daughter who is less than 30 years from USA or Canada sought by Sinhala Catholic parents (Citizens) for their son 5’ 9” tall holds a PhD and working as a Medical Researcher for a Hospital in USA. [email protected]

Pretty bride is sought for professionally qualified, well employed son 5’10” tall, born in 1977. Self replies are welcome. Reply with family details & horoscope to [email protected]

Pretty daughter below 24 qualified nearing completion of education is sought by G/B Sinhala parents residing in Australia for their only son living in Australia Graduate holding Executive position in globally renowned company. Brought up with Sri Lankan values religious kind hearted sociable soft character. Owns his house in Australia and will inherit valuable house in Colombo 8 will be 25 years in December. Reply with details to [email protected]

Professional parents currently residing in Australia seek an educated, slim, fair, pretty daughter, taller than 5’ 2” and brought up with Sri Lankan values for their son, 25 yrs 4 months, engineer, graduated from a leading University in Australia. He is a SL/Aus dual citizen, employed at a reputed company in Sydney. He is kind, fair slim, 6 ft. handsome and NS/TT. He studied in Sri Lanka till OL and attended a boys’ high school in Australia since 2007. We are Sinhala Buddhist (K/D, caste immaterial) parents. IT, Accountancy, Commerce, Engineering or Science background preferred. Those willing to relocate to Sydney, please reply with family details and horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Respectable wealthy S/B parents seek a suitable partner in early / mid 50, for well-established son, MBBS Doctor with postgraduate qualification employed in the state sector with international positions, teetotaller, non-smoker, divorced no encumbrances. Reply with family details and horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Seeking an educated, pleasant, well mannered daughter below 28 years old for our son, born 1983, 5’8’’, Bodu Govi, closer to Colombo, D.S. Senanayakian, holds MSc in IT, Computer Engineer, Australian resident. (Currently residing in Sri Lanka). Reply with contact no and horoscope copy. [email protected]

Sinhalese Buddhist professional parents living in New Zealand, seek an academically and professionally qualified daughter preferably living in New Zealand or Australia for their New Zealand qualified medical doctor son, 32 years, fair and 5’6” height. He has completed his specialist training programme and now working in Australia. He is very interested in sports / music / travelling. Please reply with a copy of the horoscope and family details. Email: [email protected]

Sinhalese well connected professional and business parents living in UK seek a partner for highly qualified 30 year old son 5’8” tall and very smart holds an Executive post and receives a seven figure salary. He owns and will also inherit assets in London and in Sri Lanka valued at over one thousand four hundred million rupees. [email protected]

Western Province G/B parents looking for a suitable daughter for their son, graduated with Masters in Singapore and currently employed there as an IT Consultant. He is 30 years old, fair and tall. Those who are studying or residing abroad preferred. Reply with horoscope and details. Email : [email protected]



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