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Training farm opened in Pannala:

Yield of local cows should be increased - New Zealand PM

New Zealand will help Sri Lanka to build a vibrant dairy industry by sharing its expertise and technology to enhance the quality and quantity of milk produced in the country, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key told guests at the launch of Fonterra’s first demonstration and training farm in Pannala last week.

He said the yield of Sri Lankan cows should increase from four to five litres a day to a satisfactory level to develop the dairy industry and provide more employment opportunities and enhance the income of farmers.

“The yield of a New Zealand cow is around 18 litres a day. Training and development is the way in which farming is done in New Zealand,” Key said.

He said, “Our partnerships across the world ensures economic growth and more people have jobs. The demonstration farm will help develop best practices and the skills of Sri Lankan farmers who will contribute a much higher output to the dairy industry.”

“This is my second visit to Sri Lanka and over the years there has been much development in the country. Sri Lanka has ambitions for the future. New Zealand is proud of Fonterra which is the largest producer and exporter of milk products in the world,” the Premier said.Fonterra, a farmer-owned co-operative which produces Anchor powdered milk is committed to develop the local dairy industry in Sri Lanka. The opening of the Rs. 117 million farm was a significant milestone in this journey and the first major private-sector funded training facility for dairy farming in Sri Lanka. Around 2,500 farmers will be trained each year and administrative managers, animal care specialists and farm hands will be employed.

Fonterra Chairman, John Wilson said Fonterra and Anchor have a long history in Sri Lanka and added that the co-operative is committed to support the development of the dairy industry.

“We believe in collaboration and sharing expertise – this is central to our co-operative structure and how we’ve made Fonterra what it is today.

“New Zealand farmers recognised early on that they were stronger when working together, sharing ideas, resources and trying out new things. This approach of farmers supporting farmers is what we want to bring to Sri Lanka,” he said.

The demonstration and training farm will share the co-operative’s world-class dairy farming knowledge through farmer visits, field days, short course training and apprenticeship programs.

“Training and education is essential in creating a stronger dairy industry in Sri Lanka and with Fonterra’s long history of dairy farming expertise, it’s where we can make a real difference,” said Wilson.

The farm will focus on helping Sri Lankan farmers improve milk quality and run their farming businesses more efficiently and profitably.

Four New Zealand-based Fonterra farmers will arrive in Sri Lanka between May and July, with each one spending a month at the farm to provide hands-on training and advice.

Managing Director, Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka, Sunil Sethi said, “We recognise that different countries and climates need tailor-made approaches to deliver the best results for the local dairy industry.

“With our generations of dairy expertise, we believe we’re well placed to help Sri Lankan farmers develop the best, most efficient system for the local climate and environment.

“If we get the right level of support from the government, industry bodies and community organisations we will continue to invest in additional training farms such as this one, increasing our on-the-ground training expertise and invest in other infrastructure such as milk chilling centres,” said Sethi.


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