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Shadow of emotion

Hasini Chandrasiri's butterfly moment from a world of darkness, loneliness and pain:

An emotive exhibition with a poignant story behind every single painting by young artist Hashini Himasha Chandrasiri, which got under on Friday, February 26, at the Lionel Wendt Art Centre, will conclude today. Titled 'Flying Colours - Shadow of Emotions', the painting reflect a hard fought journey of the artist, who had to struggle with not just the debilitating loss of her mother, but also a life threatening sickness that in her own words, "took my walking ability away many years" and left her in a world of "darkness, loneliness and pain" which she worked hard to overcome.

The 'Flying Colours' exhibition, which had artist Iromi Wijewardene as the Chief Guest, is in Hashini's words, the best result, which I have ever got from the darkest time of my life."

Hashini Himasha Chandrasiri

An artist from the age of 13, Hashini had the beautiful dream of becoming as professional artist. She had a comfortable life as the only child in the family, and there was nothing to indicate her dreams would be shattered. But then tragedy stuck in 2009 when her mother passed away. Suffering from the pain of the loss, Hashini received another blow when she was diagnosed with what she calls "marrow bone illness.'

Refusing to give in to the darkness and pain she decided to, as she says, "be one with my best talent in art and to translate the painful solitude into colours and blend it into the canvas.

Flying colours

The result is 'Flying Colours', Hashini's maiden exhibition. She had worked with a number of mediums including acrylic paints, gel pens, pencils, charcoals and watercolours for the beautiful displays. "I see my mother in my every painting. My philosophy is based on my mother's love and human feeling..." she says.

Encapsulating these feelings, she wrote in one of her blog posts, "Colours and Lines are just like story tellers... They can see the fantasies in our hearts. They can express our feelings in a better way. No matter if you are angry or you are in love... They will give you an eye, to see the world in a different way... They will give you the strength to face anything the life throws at you... Just be one with ART. You will enjoy the beauty of Life."

Of a painting titled 'An old memory' she wrote: It is time to see you, through the memories from the past... Your smile and your words... Endless colours and the dark as well... I see the deepness in your eyes... Filled with hopes and love... It is a dream that I can never forget... and a tale as old as time... " Hashini did the painting when her mother was very ill, in pain all the time and was yet fighting to live.. As a loving daughter, Hashini says she could always see a hope in her mother's face... A hope that smiled through the pain.

Hashini, who was born and grew in Colombo, loves line art, modern art and traditional paintings. She obtained her first certificate for a painting she did for a Children's Day competition in 1997. Since then she has made great strides in her journey through colours and lines, winning many local and international awards, including gold and silver medals for her talent and creativity. She was the 'Rose of the Lidice - Super Gold Medal' winner at the International Children's Exhibition of Fine Arts competition, held in Czechoslovakia in 2006.

She practiced drawing under the instructions of Lionel Ranaweera and Dr. Chandraguptha Thenuwara and was the painter of the national Christmas card of Sri Lankan Methodist Church in 2008. As the official artist of TDL printers sri lanka she did many excellent works for the new versions of children's books including Hathpana, Magulkama and Heensaraya, from 2010 to 2013.

Hope on a pain acrylic painting

An Old Memory

Bhikkhuni line art



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