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Baby Elephant

One baby elephant,
Has bath time fun,
He fills his trunk with water,
And showers everyone.

My toys

These are my toys,
Which gave me joy,
It gave me light,
To play at night.
Toys give me a sense of play,
Which gave me a sense happiness,
I love my toys.

My little rabbit

Rabbit oh, rabbit!
White little rabbit,
You are like
a white cloud.

Ears are long,
Eyes are twinkling,
Short bushy tail,
Looks so innocent.


Bats are mammals,
Bats shy away from direct light,
Doesn't mean they are blind,
The truth is the majority of bats,
Can see well.
Mother bats spend most of their time,
Tending to their young,
And should a baby bat be abandoned,
A mother bat will adopt the orphaned,
Care for it as her own.
Most of them eat pollen, nectar, fruit,
Frogs, fish and even lizards.
They are too high pitched for us to bear,
They are nocturnal animals,
They use echolocation to fly at night,
They come out at night to feed insects.

To my teacher with love

In memory of Mrs. Eileen Siriwardhana on her birthday
You, my dear teacher!
With that disarming smile
dazzling, vivacious and fine,
creative, enchanting all in line.
Was with us like a beacon light.
Now you are no more
To celebrate birthdays.
Your sweet and serene ways,
Will linger throughout the days,
Like the sun, moon and its rays,
You will always be a part of our days.


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