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100 Years of Sri Lanka Volleyball

The national game of Sri Lanka volleyball was introduced to the country a century ago. However, the origin of this sport is the United States of America. The honor of introducing this game to the world initially should go to William Mogen who was the Sports Director of the Association of American Young Men Christians of Holyoke in the region of Massachusetts. The volleyball which was introduced by Mogen in 1895 evolved itself throughout the world year by year. In 1947, the Federation of International Volleyball was formed. After its formation, the first World Tournament of Volleyball for Men and the First World Tournament for Women were held in 1949 and 1952 respectively.


A womens’ beach volleyball player in action

In 1957, a special volleyball match was played in the City of Sofia in Bulgaria in the presence of the International Olympic Committee. As a result, Volleyball was included in the agenda of the Olympic Games held in 1964. Since then, volleyball is being played as a game in the Olympics up to now. Beach Volleyball was also included in the Olympic Games held in 1996. Volleyball today plays a role of two disciplines of athletics within the Federation of International Volleyball (FIVB) as Volleyball one sport Two Disciplines". The Federation of International Volleyball conducts Volleyball and Beach Volleyball as international sports along with the Olympic Games, World Cup competitions , Intercontinental and Regional Games under five Continental Federations of Intercontinental Volleyball with the memberships of 220 countries.

Introduced to the World in 1895

In 2001, the Federation of International Volleyball named the Heroes in Volleyball of 20th Century. Karchchi Curly of the United State of America and Regla Tores of Cuba were named as the best men and women players in the sport. Yasutaka Matudahira (Japan) and Eugenio Jorgwon were named as the best Coaches. Italy (Men) and Japan (Women) were named as the best Teams.

Volleyball which was introduced to the world in 1895 was brought to Sri Lanka in 1916 by Voltor Cameck, then Director of Physical Education of the Association of Colombo Young Men Christians. Though 1916 was declared as the year where volleyball was introduced to Sri Lanka, there is no a specific record in the history regarding the exact date of the introduction of such a game.

However, according to the monthly news bulletin issued by the Association of Colombo Young Men Christians in the months of April and May in 1916, it proves that Volleyball has been introduced in the month of May in 1916. volleyball became

popular very quickly and clubs were formed. A series of matches were played as the game became extremely popular rapidly. The Federation of Sri Lanka Volleyball was formed on the 04th of September, 1951 and subsequently volleyball received an official recognition.

Sir Richard Aluvihare first President

Sir Richard Aluvihara was the first President of the Sri Lanka Volleyball Federation while T.C. Anandappa and D. Rajadurai were the first Secretaries of the Federation respectively. There after 16 presidents and 21 secretaries have been in the Sri Lanka Volleyball Federation. The period between 1983-1986 where Charita Ratwatte functioned as the President of the Board of control for Volleyball and the period 2005-2015 where Dilan Perera was the President of the Federation can be described as the changing era of volleyball in Sri Lanka. Charita Ratwatte who ended his tenure in 1986 took volleyball from village level to international level under the present- Steering Committee'.

As Ministrer Dilan Perera rightly stated in the opening ceremony of the 10th Asian Youth Volleyball Championship conducted at Colombo Sugathadasa Sports Complex in August, 2014, stressing the importance of permanent sponsorships for volleyball , particularly through the private sector and also providing the senior , junior, beach volleyball players with job opportunities. The first national volleyball team was formed in Sri Lanka in 1955. Since then, nationally, 42 men and 26 women teams have been formed .. Furthermore, 13 Junior men's , 11 Junior women's , 5 boys youth teams and 3 youth girls teams have been established.

Since then 175 men and 129 women have won Sri Lanka Colours for Volleyball. 149 junior sportsmen and 132 sportswomen have represented National Junior Teams. 60 sportsmen and 36 sportswomen have represented National Youth Boys and Girls Teams respectively.

- Susil Ranasinghe, Gen. Sec. SLVF


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