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Marriage Proposals
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About Our Son. We are Sinhalese Catholic parents from Colombo, seek a suitable marriage partner for our son 34years. He has a degree in Accounting from Australia. He is a PR holder. Father is a professional and Mother is a Housewife. Only sister is a MBBS Doctor. He inherits a house in Colombo. Differences immaterial. Tel-5235765 or [email protected]

About our son fair slim 5’ 6” handsome born 1985 July to Colombo suburb Karawa Govi Buddhist parents. (Bride’s caste immaterial). He is a genuine teetotaller and non-smoker, BSc (Business Administration) CIMA - UK. Finance Executive to Colombo based multinatiional company. He inherits two storeyed new house and other substantial assets in Colombo suburb. Only sister is a doctor married and migrated to Australia. Parents seek academically professionally qualified slim fair pretty daughter. Reply with horoscope and family details in full. [email protected]

About 5’1” height a pretty, fair, slim, educated buddhist daughter sought by respectable Sinhala buddhist Deva parents for their fair, religious, good looking NS/TT well mannered Doctor son, 5’7” height has completed postgraduate studies. Studied at Trinity college, born in 1980, seeks a partner in Sri-Lanka, who has good buddhist values. No intention of settling down overseas. Please reply with family details and birth details horoscope etc. Contact nos, too. Email: [email protected]

Absolutely very pretty, fair, academically & professionally qualified, well mannered, 25-26 years old daughter is sought from a respectable Sinhala Buddhist family by well known Buddhist Durawe parents from South for their 29 years old son, Engineer, graduated from Moratuwa University, currently pursuing higher studies in a prestigious University in USA. He is 5’8” tall, fair, smart, handsome, well mannered, respect Sinhala Buddhist moral values, TT/NS, owns a modern luxury car and valuable Commercial property. Only sister IT Manager, married to an Engineer working abroad at present. Reply with horoscope to match Kuja 7 and Shani 12 and family details. Email : [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified daughter is sought by Visva / B parents in Australia for their 25 years 5’6” undergraduate Medical Science (Postgraduate Research), son brought up according to Sri Lankan values (students will consider). Caste immaterial. Reply with family details and a copy of horoscope to: [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified pretty daughter is sought by B/S parents for their son 29 years 5’ 10’’ smart N/S, T/T completed bachelors and Master in Australia. Currently in professional career in globally renowned company. He is a dual Citizen. Prefer family living in Australia. Reply with horoscope to [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified pretty daughter is sought by Colombo well-connected G/B parents for their academically and professionally qualified son 32, T/T, N/S, 5’10’’ employed at a Reputed Airline Drawing a six figure salary. He inherits assets. Respond with family details and horoscope. [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified pretty daughter under 30 years of age is sought by B/G retired parents close to Colombo. He was born in 1983, very handsome, smart & NS/TT, 5’10” and holding BSc Engineering (Moratuwa) & MBA. Employed at a prestigious company in Colombo drawing a high salary. Reply only B/G with family details and horoscope by post or Email - [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified well mannered, pretty daughter, below 36 yrs, living in Australia or willing to migrate is sought by G/B parents for their son who lives in Australia and owns a property there. He was born in 1977, never married or engaged, looks younger, 5’ 8” in height, employed as IT professional. Please contact with horoscope. [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified, pleasant, well-mannered daughter is sought by respectable Sinhala Buddhist professional parents for their handsome doctor son, working permanently in Australia. Born 1986, 6 feet tall, good personality and New Zealand citizen. Reply with family details to [email protected]

Academically qualified kind hearted pretty daughter willing to migrate or living in U.S.A. sought by respectable G/B parents residing in U.S.A. for their well mannered 36 years old good looking, 5’10” son. He is well accomplished Executive, Graduate, legally divorced, innocent party, has a child living with mother. Reply with family details, contact number and horoscope. Differences immaterial. Email : [email protected]

Academically qualified pretty simple Daughter is sought for Son, December 89,5’11” by Buddhist parents in Colombo. A Bachelor of International Hospitality Management, lives in New Zealand. Caste Viswa, Durawa not important. Please reply with horoscope, Contact number. Email: [email protected]

Affluent Sinhala Buddhist parents hailing from Down South, residing in Colombo, seek well broughtup, tertiary educated, professionally qualified, slim & pretty daughter with Buddhist values from a similar family background for only son, 29 yrs., 5’9” very smart, handsome, well broughtup, Postgraduate qualified Accountant, Australian citizen, past Royalist, tertiary educated & employed in Australia. Currently settled in Sri Lanka, managing a well established & reptued family business. Siblings married and settled overseas. Inherits very substantial assets, including valuable house and other properties along with the business. Responses welcome from daughters living or willing to settle in Sri Lanka only. Please note that we don’t seek responses from those settled overseas or intending to migrate. Reply with family details, horoscope. [email protected]

Buddhist family USA citizen son 1983 born 5’8” Biomedical Engineering people living abroad only. Reply to [email protected]

Buddhist mother seeks an educated fair, slim and kind hearted daughter for her elder son born in 1983, 5’11”, aeronautical engineer works in Canada, divorced without kids. Makara Lagna, Suwana nekatha, Kuja in 7th house. Please send horoscope. e-mail: [email protected]

Buddhist Vishwakula parents seek a suitable partner for their lean and tall son 31, a professionally qualified Senior Executive at a leading public company in Colombo. Cast immaterial. Tel: 077 6028269. E-mail: [email protected]

Buddhist Vishwa parents from Moratuwa seek an educated pretty daughter for their handsome son 27 yrs (1988 Oct) 5’10” CIMA completed currently reading for MBA working as an Asst. Mgr. in very reputed Finance Institution. Please reply with horoscope and contact No. 038-2231325. [email protected]

Buddhist Wishwakula mother seeks pretty educated partner below 30 years living in Australia Brisbane preferred or a girl willing to reside in Australia for MBA qualified younger son consultant IT Business Analyst in Brisbane. He is 33 years old and an Australian PR holder. Elder brother a University Lecturer in Brisbane. Please reply with family details, telephone number and a copy of the horoscope. Email: [email protected]

B/G Kandyan parents. Son 28 handsome 5’8” UK educated BEng Graduated worked there as Civil Engineer. Now working to high-rise building projects Colombo. Expecting migrating back. Siblings professionals UK. We look for matching daughter living in UK or Australia. Email : [email protected]

B/G professional parents seek an educated girl brought-up in UK for their 36 year old son, born and brought-up in UK, a Chartered Accountant working in a Managerial position in London. Please reply with horoscope and family details. [email protected]

B/K respectable professionally parents with means seek educated fair pretty daughter for their 31 years old, fair, handsome Australian dual citizen Engineer son employed in Sydney. Height 5’6”, upholds Sinhala Buddhist values. Will be in Sri Lanka for short holiday in July. Replies with full family details and horoscope to [email protected]

Catholic, Karawe parents looking for a pretty, educated bride, willing to reside in USA, for their US citizen son, graduated in Mechanical Engineering, continue his studies and employed at Intel Corporation in USA. He is 27 years, 5’10’ tall, fair. He inherits property in Sri-Lanka Email:[email protected]

Christian parents seek professionally qualified well mannered pretty daughter with good moral values, for their son, 31, 5’8” Australian citizen, non-smoker professionally qualified working as a Senior Software Engineer in Melbourne visiting Sri Lanka mid June. Reply with full details. [email protected]

Colombo District Bodu Govi, mother seeks well educated partner for younger son 23 years, citizen in USA stay there for more education.

Colombo Govi Buddhist parents seek for their degree holder only son 28, 5’11’’, who owns assets buildings and Business in the heart of Colombo worth over 2000 lakhs (two thousand) six figure monthly income, non-working wealthy fair girl 18-24 (degree not required) with unblemished character. Horoscope available. Caste immaterial.

Colombo Kollupitiya Buddhist Govi, parents seek an Educated pretty girl with a good family background for their son thirty two years old, after an unsuccessful marriage for three months no children, height 5’7’’ who is a London qualified Barrister, only one brother at present working as a Doctor in London. Contact No: 011-2575574.

Colombo professionally qualified (foreign university, Bachelors, masters) RF & Software Engineer, Company Director, 5’8 1/2”, fair, handsome, 30 yrs, younger looking appearance TT/NS son looking for a slim, fair, pretty qualified girl age between 23-27 willing to build up decent relationship towards a marriage. B/K professional parents invite parents of daughters with similar requirements to reply with horoscope. Family details & contact numbers in the 1st reply. Son has Kuja 12, Shani 2, Rahu 7. Caste immaterial, Methodists & Anglicans welcome. E-mail: [email protected] Contact: 2737322. G70822

Colombo suburbs B/G respectable parents seek an educated slim fair pretty bride (B/G) for 1985 May born 5’6” TT/NS handsome son B.Sc Engineer and Australian P/R holder currently working in G/owned reputed company (Kuja 7). Send horoscope with family details. [email protected]

Educated and well mannered daughter with pleasing personality below 40 years is sought by Sinhala Govi Roman Catholic mother from Negombo for her son holding PR in Australia, professionally qualified Engineer for highly recommended Finance company, permanent employee in Australia 48y. 5’6” unmarried, well mannered smart and caring personality, well off in life will be in Sri Lanka on vacation end of June. If interested please reply with complete family details and horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Educated Pleasant Daughter is sought by Buddhist parents in Colombo for smart son, May 87 and 5’7”, living in Australia, Bachelor’s Degree in information Technology with permanent employment. Caste (Vishwa, Durawa) immaterial. Please reply with horoscope contact number email: [email protected]

G/B European dual citizenship kind-hearted fair handsome son 44 y seeking who’s serious pretty educated bride for marriage. She should be below 40 y. Currently on vacation. Skype: cricket-1971 or [email protected]

G/B Kandyan respectable family in Colombo father seeks an educated pleasant looking sincere and kind hearted daughter from respectable family for youngest son 28yrs NS/TT 5’8” graduate in Management Accountancy from London University income over 100000/= inherits property in Colombo has strong ties to USA/ Canada willing to migrate if necessary. Reply with family details copy of horoscope. [email protected]

G/B Parents living in Kalutara seek professionally qualified fair Daughter, brought up with Buddhist Values, for the eldest of their three Sons born in November 1977,B.Sc (IT) M.Sc (IT) MBA. Employed as a Lecturer in a Government University. Non malefic HC. Reply with family details and HC Email: [email protected]

G/B respectable parents from Colombo suburbs seek professionally qualified slim, fair, pretty daughter below 30 years and willing to live in UK, for their handsome son, non-smoker, T/T, fully qualified Chartered Accountant who is working and residing in London. He is 32 years, 5’ 10”. Please reply with family details and horoscope. He is suwana nekatha. [email protected]

G/B/K Retired Teacher Mother Colombo suburbs respectable family seek academically professionally qualified pretty kind daughter for Son 32+,5’7” fair handsome well mannered N/S,T/T BSC Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer working in a reputed company in UK post completing postgraduate studies in UK from 2013 please reply with horoscope & family details.Email: [email protected]

Hindu parents living in Colombo seek a bride for their son, a professionally qualified Accountant holding a Senior Managerial position, working abroad. Other siblings also professionally qualified the groom will be visiting Sri Lanka in mid June. Intended parties please respond in Details.

Panadura B/G parents seek a professionally qualified daughter for 1980 fair, son NS/TT, 5’3’’ holds a MBA (UK) educated @ St. Peter’s working in Colombo 5 * Hotel Executive, inherits assets, brother NZ (PR) Catholic Christian welcome need horoscope. [email protected]

Parents seek a beautiful and educated bride for their son who is a BSc Electronic Engineering graduate (first class) from University of Moratuwa. He completed his MSc with highest honours from a prestigious University in USA and is currently pursuing his Ph.D (doctorate) in the same Univeristy. He is a handsome, 27 years old, 5 foot 6 inch tall, teetotaller. We are a Bodu Salagama/ Govi mixed wealthy family residing in Nugegoda. Except for religion, caste differences are ignored. Please reply with horoscope and family details. Email - [email protected]

Parents seek a Christian educated Daughter for their Son 5’11” born in 1986 professionally qualified employed in a private company [email protected]

Professional parents G/B seek daughter willing to migrate or living UK for their son 31yrs British citizen 5’11’’ B.Sc(Hons) post-graduate well established senior software engineer in UK. Please respond with family details and horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Respectable Govigama Catholic (RC) parents seek for their well mannered handsome son, height 5’ 11”, age 30 years, studied in Accountancy, IT Business Management at a leading University in London. He is employed in a reputed company in London. He has assets in London as well as in Sri Lanka seeks a beautiful kind-hearted educated and well accomplished girl with assets. He is a British citizen. [email protected]

Respectable parents living close to Colombo seek a daughter, academically qualified, slim, fair well-mannered for their son, qualified Chartered Architect. Presently employed in a leading company with a very attractive salary package. He is 32 years old, smart, well-built, 5’8”, studied at Royal College, Colombo. We are Salagama, Buddhist family; father is a Chartered Civil Engineer, mother housewife, younger sister married and living separately, younger brother studying. He will inherit a luxury house, car & other assets. Mesha lagna, Shani 7, Kuja 4. Please respond with family details and horoscope (Kuja - 1,2,4,7,8,12) to Tel: 0112795585 Email: [email protected]

Retired professional parents, Buddhists from Kandy/ Colombo, currently living in Canada seek partner with Sri Lankan values and sober habits for academically qualified son 27- 5’ 8” slim and fair, working as a Software Developer in a private firm. Please contact with details. ([email protected])

Sinhala Buddhist parents seek partner willing to go to USA for son employed as IT professional in USA. He was born in 1985, height 5’5’’. Having finished Masters in information Security in U.S. State University he is now employed as Information Security Analyst in reputed US company. [email protected]

Sinhala handsome educated unmarried 45 years old American citizen is looking for a bride of 30-37 years old good looking, pretty and educated girl (if she likes to further her education in US is also OK.) The bride should have a good character honest and religious prefer Buddhist or Sai Baba devotee. Contact mother before 15th July 2016 with copy of horoscope. [email protected]

Sinhalese Buddhist business owner parents looking for an academically qualified partner for their 37 year old son. He is handsome, 5 ft 10 in, fair, BSc. Graduate, runs his own business and raised overseas. He is a citizen in Australia looking for a slim, fair, beautiful, academically qualified daughter at least 5ft 3 in. tall, below 33. Send family and horoscope details to [email protected]

Sinhalese Buddhist parents residing in Canada seek a suitable daughter for their 32 years handsome 5’6” son (Horoscope with Shani Mangala Dosha), Engineer working in Canada. Looking for pretty academically qualified daughter. Caste and religion immaterial. US and Canada are preferable. Please email horoscope copy and details to [email protected]

Sydney parents seek partner for son, peaceful, 28, 5’4”, GB, BSc. Eng., IT-Technician, $1.5 m house. Lovely girl preferably from Sydney & who can contribute towards a secure future plan for the couple including all four parents, to support each other & living with own privacy. Insight for peace expected. Email : [email protected]

S/B/G retired educated with means 63 years in suburb of Colombo devoted and practice Buddhist looking for educated partner in similar expectations & qualities with means. Age more or less is not a barrier for similar thinking lady. Assured upmost confidentiality. Reply with contact details: [email protected]

Tamil, Hindu parents from a respectable family seek a pretty, fair and academically / professionally qualified daughter from a decent family for their son 35, MBA NS/TT Manager in a multinational company. Religion or race immaterial. [email protected]

UK/Sri Lanka based parents (mother Govi / Buddhist, father Durawa / Christian) seek a pretty, eduacted daughter for their son to start a decent relationship leading to marriage. He’s very handsome with sober habits, NS/TT, 6 feet tall, studying Business Management in a University in the UK. He inherits substantial assets in Sri Lanka. Those who currently living in Sri Lanka or UK preferred. We are staying on a short holiday in Sri Lanka until the 23rd of June. [email protected]

US citizen B/G parents seeking fair slim and religious minded bride below 35. Our son is well-established in US and educated. He is born in 76 never married 6’ tall non-smoker / teetotaller with assets in both Colombo and N.Y. Kethu 7th House, Siyavasa Nekatha and Thula Lagna. Please forward horoscope and family details to: [email protected]

Well educated (PhD in engineering) academic is seeking a Govi Buddhist girl (specially in Central Province) who is in 30-35 age range, willing to settle and build up a family in Europe. Should have secondary education from a university in science field. Groom is 42 years, 5’5”, Kandyan GB, TT/NS. Working as a researcher in European University. Please reply with horoscope and family details. Dowry is not necessary. [email protected]

Western Province Govi Buddhist respectable healthy, 5’5”, widower (65) well travelled pensioner seeks suitable partner, foreign applicants considered. [email protected]

We are looking for a girl with qualities, educated, social and fairly good looking Buddhist or a Catholic to marry with time for our 2nd son, a graduate, CIMA Passed finalist, working at a blue chip company in Sri Lanka as a Asst Manager in marketing, 26+ height 5’6”, educated at Colombo 7 school and a good sportsman. We are Govi Buddhist and only mother is a Catholic. We have another elder son working at a group of companies as an IT Specialist married to a lawyer. Only daughter still studying for a law degree. Father is a managing director to a company belongs to a group of companies in Sri Lanka. I am a house wife. We are living in closer to Kadawatha. if interested, please mail details to [email protected]

We, parents of academically and professionally sound well to do five-member family living in Canada and father is a Senior Government Executive in Sri Lanka - searching for two matching girls in their late twenties for our well-mannered two handsome sons with outstanding qualifications. Parents of B/G sound families having nice daughters, may contact us with horoscope via email address : [email protected]. / [email protected] or write to us with required full details for matching basic requirements. Respect and confidentiality assured and expected. O 70851, C/o Sunday Observer, Lake House, Colombo.



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