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The best moment of my holiday

The best moment of my holiday was when I went to Pasikuda beach. I collected colourful rocks. Then I played ‘Ring around a Rose’ with my Mom. After that we went further from the bay and I felt a little scared. My mother carried me into water because I wasn’t heavy. When I was walking inside the water a yellow fish came and got stuck in my leg and I tried to release it. I shook my leg and the fish was set free. Then another fish came and tickled my toes.

After that I started floating and a piece of sea weed pulled my leg. Then I found a ball and started passing it. When I started swimming the sun began to set and we went back to the hotel. That’s how I spent my holiday.

Winner :

The fair

Every Sunday there is a fair in our village. There are nearly two hundred sellers in the fair. They sell food, clothes and other goods.

There are many ice cream sellers and grain sellers at the fair. They are very kind. Sometimes my father and I go to the fair to buy vegetables. I like to go to the fair because my father buys ice cream and toys for me. The fair is maintained by the Pradeshiya Sabha.

Winner :

The birthday party

“Hello little princess, how are you?” said mother. “I’m fine”, I said. “Then quickly get ready and come downstairs”, she said. I was in a bad mood because it was my birthday but nobody remembered.

I went down to have breakfast but there was food that I didn’t like to eat. Suddenly I saw balloons, a cake, a pretty dress and lovely birthday cards. Then my father said, “Did you think that we forgot your birthday?” and I said, “Yes, I thought that.” We enjoyed the birthday party.

My hobby

My hobby is reading books. I have read many books. It is fun to read books. My favourite book is ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. It is a wonderful story. Jack was a small child who lived with his mother and one day his mother told him to go and sell their cow. Jack went and met a strange man who told him, “Please take these magic beans and give me the cow.” So, Jack gave the man the cow and took the beans and went home and told his mother about the incident. But his mother threw away the beans in anger.

The following day a tree had grown from the seeds and Jack climbed the beanstalk. There was a castle in the sky and Jack went inside and collected some gold. Suddenly, a giant came out of the castle and Jack climbed down the beanstalk.

But the giant followed him and Jack cut the beanstalk and the giant fell down and died. Jack and his mother lived happily ever after. This story was in one of the books I read. I have read many stories like this and I would like to become a story writer one day.

Winner :

Mahiyangana Rajamaha Viharaya

Mahiyangana Raja Maha Viharaya is an ancient Buddhist temple in Mahiyanganaya. It is believed to be the site of Gautama Buddha’s first visit to the country, and is one of the SOLOMOSTHANA, the 16 sacred religious locations in Sri Lanka. Currently, this temple has been declared as one of the archaeological sites in Sri Lanka.

The stupa was built by Prince Saman of Deva tribe of pre-historic Sri Lanka (the other two tribes were Yaka and Naga) during the first visit of Buddha to the island. It was rebuilt by the hero of the nation King Dutugemunu of Ruhuna.

The large and beautiful Mahiyangana Stupa a kilometre south of the town signifies the spot on which the Buddha preached. Enshrined in the stupa is a lock of blue-black hair and a relic of a collarbone of The Buddha. The area is very attractive with a park and the dagoba is well kept and overlooks the hills on the far bank of the Mahaweli river.

Winner :

Mother’s Day Resolution

In this fast paced world human values are fading away and mothers are discarded like used stamps. I believe that my mother is the most divine creature on earth. “Home for the Aged” are forbidden words for me, as my mother made our house a sweet home. Hence I make a strong resolution to honour, obey and follow her advice in the future, and to show her gratitude for the sacrifices she has made during my childhood. I shall make everyday a Mother’s Dday, with actions that speak more than words because my love for my mother has no limits.

The pleasures of travelling

Nowadays, modes of travel are gradually developing with modern technology. There are many ways of travelling in water, land and air. Buses, trains, cars and vans are modes of travel on land whereas ships and boats are modes of travel in water. Some people use private vehicles to travel while others use public transport such as buses and trains. Travelling enables us to gain knowledge about rivers, oceans and mountains. We can also make friends with people from different countries and cultures, and learn about their traditions and languages. Travelling is beneficial to us.

C.W.W. Kannangara

The father of free education is C.W.W. Kannangara. He was born on October 13, 1884 at Ambalangoda. His father was John Daniel Wijekoon and his mother was Emily Wijekoon. He had his primary education at Wesleyan High School and his secondary education at Richmond College, Galle. C.W.W. Kannangara was an eminent person that rendered a great service to develop the standard of education. He built many central schools in rural parts of Sri Lanka. Dr. Kannangara is a national hero who paved the way for both rural and urban children to receive a good education.

The elephant

The elephant is a big animal. It is black in colour. It lives in jungles. The elephant has a long trunk. It eats grass, leaves and fruits. It carries heavy logs.


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