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Smile and the world will smile with you

A Sinhala and Hindu New Year celebration was held at Apeksha Hospital (formerly known as Maharagama Cancer Hospital), recently. It was organised by CanHOPE Colombo. The celebrations were held in the Paediatric Section near the playhouse. To see the children smile and dance kids can make any parent feel happy. It is even better to spend the Sinhala Hindu New year with their children.

The event was held under a canopy of fun with live music to give it a musical twist. Each game was carefully planned out so that children would have lots of fun, while being taken care of. The children were full of exceptional energy as the Head Nurse, Meneka (CanFRiEND) announced the games for the celebrations.

The games included traditional lemon race (balancing the lemon on the spoon), Eye on the Elephant, Hit the pot (which CanHOPE Colombo modified with paper bag filled with sweets), burst the balloons and musical chairs. It was with much enthusiasm, that the children took part in each game, laughing and cheering others. The volunteers of E phactory also gave their support in conducting the games, while capturing some of the precious moments of the event.

To conclude, a live musical show under a wonderfully decorated canopy, was organized which included some special celebrities, who shared a few musical notes among the children of Apeksha Hospital. The celebrities included Nipuni Nanayakkara, Deshika Dassanayaka, Kingsley Loos, Priya Ranasinghe, and Deepika Gunasekera. The children gathered in rows to receive their prizes organized by the CanHOPE Colombo team, who went around the wards for the children who were unable to attend.

If you would like to be a part of the CanHOPE Colombo volunteers (CanFRiEND), please call on 0773460000 or email your details to [email protected]


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