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Washroom facilities in government hospitals

Washroom facilities in government hospitals are unsatisfactory. This is no secret. Anyone going to a government hospital to take treatment is aware of this.

We are in the habit of blaming politicians for everything. In this instance we need not blame them for hygienic washroom facilities.

There are directors, administrative officers and doctors in government hospitals. It is their responsibility to improve washrooms.

We can learn from private hospitals. Our government health directors and doctors can learn from private hospitals. See how they keep clean and maintain toilets of a high standard.

There are very good washroom facilities in some of the hotels and super markets. Everything depends on interest and dedication.

There are private companies maintaining toilets on a contract basis. Government hospitals too can employ this system.

We do not want experts and highly qualified civil engineers to maintain washrooms. Millions and millions of rupees are not required to provide good washroom facilities in government hospitals.

Most of the government toilets do not have commodes. They only have squatting pans. But the commode is a basic requirement for the average Sri Lankan. Government hospitals are yet to understand this.

Clean and hygienic toilet facilities is a basic human right. The health department is yet to realize this.

We hope the Health Ministry, directors and other officers maintaining hospital washrooms will take quick action to provide clean and hygienic washrooms in government hospitals.

D. Weeratunga



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