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Trilateral collaboration in Science and Technology

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science (AIST), Japan, the 7th innovation centre worldwide according to Thomson Reuters list of Top 25 Innovation Centres, Department of Biotechnology (DBT), India and University of Sri Jayewardenepura leading to a trilateral collaboration in Science and Technology between Japan, India and Sri Lanka. The MOU was signed by Dr. Yoshihiro, OHMIYA, Director, Biomedical Research Institute (BMRI), AIST(One of the largest research organisations in Japan) and Prof Sampath Amarathunga, The Vice Chancellor of (SJP); while, Dr. Sunil Kaul, Chief Senior Research Scientist, AIST, Prof. Ranil de Silva Director, World Class University Project-2014, and the Japanese Ambassador Kenichi Suganuma signed as the witness. This initiative is the result of the long lasting academic collaborations of Prof Ranil de Silva with Dr. Sunil Kaul.

From left: Dr. Renu Wadhwa, Prime Senior Researcher, BMRI, Japan; Dr. Sunil Kaul, Chief Senior Research Scientist, AIST, Japan; Ambassador of Japan to Sri Lanka Kenichi Suganuma; Dr. Yoshihiro Ohmiya, Director, BMRI, AIST, Japan; Prof. Sampath Amaratunga, Vice Chancellor, SJP; Prof. Ranil de Silva, Director, World Class University Project, SJP; Sri C. P. Goyal, Joint Secretary, DBT, Ministry of Science andTechnology , India; Mr. Niteen Yeola, Second Secretary, Economic and Commercial Wing, Indian High Commission, Colombo.

Visiting delegates from AIST, Japan and the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, India who were present at the occasion were;.Dr. Yoshihiro OHMIYA, Director, BMRI, AIST, Japan, Dr. Yoshiaki ONISHI, Deputy-Director, AIST, Japan, Dr. Sunil Kaul, Chief Senior Research Scientist, AIST, Japan, Prof. Renu Wadhwa, Prime Senior Researcher, BMRI, Japan,. Sri C. P. Goyal, Joint Secretary,(DBT), Ministry of Science & Technology, India, and Prof. Vijay Raghavan,Secretary, DBT, Ministry of ST, India - (through Skype conversation)

The event was a stepping stone to link the industry and academia promoting multi-disciplinary and innovative research where the two institutes will cooperate for education and research, training young generation, execute basic and applied research on unravelling the functionality of original natural produce (tea and cinnamon) of :Sri Lanka, for health care and cure and enroll industry to develop evidence - based functional food, health supplements and alternative medicine.


Prof Ranil de Silva, Coordinator, [email protected] and Director, Interdisciplinary Centre for Innovation in Biotechnology and Neuroscience of SJP has initiated a multi-disciplinary and multi centre: study with the University of Kelaniya, the Ministry of Primary Industries and the Spice Council along with AIST, Japan, DBT, India to the study the potential protective role of cinnamon in health, leading to product development.

The proposed research project is aimed at promoting Ceylon cinnamon and its species through its health properties based value-added products which will immensely benefit not only the thousands of patients through personalised medicine and pharmaceutical manufacturers, but also the millions of people employed in the cinnamon industry in Sri Lanka.

Nevertheless, scientifically proven health benefits of the proposed study will make a substantial contribution towards enhancing the global marketability of cinnamon at a time when the local cinnamon industry needed it the most, the Spice Council, the Ministry of Primary Industries and the cinnamon industry at large could capitalize on the project results for marketing cinnamon on the basis of 'health benefits'- and 'value addition"'

AIST focuses on the creation and practical realisation of technologies useful to Japanese industry and society, and bridging the gap between innovative technological seeds and commercialisation.

AIST is organised into five departments and two centres that bring together core technologies to exert its comprehensive strength, will help to reinforce economic and academic ties on an innovative platform with Sri Lanka, Japan, and India.


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