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NCCSL launches Business Excellence Awards 2016

The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka (NCCSL) last week launched the 'National Business Excellence Awards 2016' for the 13th consecutive year.

The objective of the awards scheme is to enhance the professionalism and level of excellence of Sri Lankan organizations. Immediate Past President, NCCSL, Sunil G. Wijesinha said according to worldwide research, 'excellence award winners' outperform others.

"Research carried out in many countries has affirmed that those recognized as excellent companies have produced in subsequent years better financial results, greatly motivated their employees, and earned a lot of loyal and satisfied customers," he said.

"Some studies have proved that award-winning listed companies have outperformed the stock market index or where relevant, the sector index," Wijesinha said at the launching ceremony.

"Studies in the US show that financial results of award-winning companies subsequent to the award have been better than others. A European study of 120 winning companies has shown that they outperformed others over a 11-year period of study," he said.

"Similar studies in Australia and New Zealand too have found concrete evidence to link better performance and excellence award winning organizations in the post-award years," he added.

The awards will be given in several categories - extra large, large, medium, small and micro.

"We believe that the winners should be recognized and rewarded, but we also believe that anyone who applies and makes an attempt to fulfil the criteria is also a winner. Even if they do not win any award on the first attempt, there are more opportunities for them in the future," he said.

Being one of the pioneering awards organisers, having started in 2004, the NCCSL's 'National Business Excellence Awards' is a major event among the business community.

The award winners are selected under a well-structured scheme.

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