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SriLankan Airlines welcomes travel bloggers

SriLankan Airlines, the official airline aponsor of TBCasia 2016, welcomed participants to the Cinnamon Travel Bloggers Conference Asia and Awards 2016 by giving over 40 bloggers a thrilling experience on the flight deck of an Airbus A330 Full Flight Simulator at Bandaranaike International Airport as a promotional activity.

The flight simulator

"Service on board SriLankan Airlines was definitely amazing. It's quite clear that SriLankan focuses heavily on customer service," said Kylia Matjabo, a travel blogger from Paris.

"The food on board the SriLankan flight I took from Frankfurt was excellent, and the inflight entertainment was also great. But Sri Lanka should market itself more as a destination in France," Matjabo said.

Greg Snell, a travel blogger from Toronto, Canada, said, "It was so nice to fly direct to Colombo from Paris. Many airlines flying to Asia from Europe have a layover in the Middle East which can be very tiring."

Cinnamon TBCasia 2016 was organized by Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts in collaboration with the Professional Travel Bloggers Association.Over 60 travel bloggers from around the world attended the event from June 2-7 at the Cinnamon Lakeside in Colombo. The bloggers and their families experienced simulated landings at airports of their choice around the world such as Shanghai and Katmandu, in the 100% realistic Full Flight Simulator including the thrill of sitting in the pilots' seats.

The airline operates two Full Flight Simulators at BIA to train its own and other airlines' pilots in flying A330 and A320 aircraft.The bloggers, who are experts in a wide range of social media, shared their feedback and advice on how Sri Lanka's travel trade and SriLankan Airlines can boost global awareness of the experiences awaiting travelers.

The bloggers were also given a presentation on SriLankan Airlines' wide range of products and services.


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