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Central Industries introduce Greenwood valance boards

It is a common sight in many a home that the valance boards have perished within five years or so after construction, making it very unsightly. Despite the cheap variety of timber "gini sapu" which is generally used for valance boards, it is an expense to replace them using scaffolding. However, these do not last long when exposed to the elements, that's why in most new looking houses, the valance boards covering the edges of rafters have perished and look ugly.

Central Industries PLC, the manufacturers of well-known National PVC, and Krypton Electrical switches and accessories and Sole Agents for Hitachi power tools in Sri Lankahave introduced a solution to this perennial problem. They have introduced a ready-to-install weatherproof valance board, which does not require further finishes. This can be sawn, drilled, planed or carved like any other timber.

As the name suggests, this innovation not only helps save the environment to some extent, certainly takes off the burden of having to constantly maintain the boards which are an integral element to complete the total roofing system of houses and such buildings.

Central Industries PLC, has been focusing on the high quality of its product portfolio from its very inception. The far sighted and innovative team of professionals in the R & D, Engineering, Manufacturing and Marketing Divisions had relentlessly worked together to perfect thisprofound solution of long lasting, weather proof valance boards that offer a host of conveniences and benefits - from realising perfection in design and finesse, making the Architect's dream come true,to great savings and a hassle free solution to the end user, the house owner.

Greenwood Valance Board is a totally consumer insight driven concept which emerged from the in-depth understanding our team possesses and its acumen to offer ground breaking solutions to the prevailing gap in the market. CIPLC is extensively experienced in manufacturing a wide range of PVC products including pipes, fittings and storage tanks for water systems as well as drainage systems. The fact that National PVC being the first PVC brand in Sri Lanka to be SLS and ISO certified and be recertified to date is a testament to the highest standards CIPLC maintains.

Greenwood Valance Boards come with a guarantee of being safe from harsh sunlight, torrential rains and termites. Greenwood Valance Boards are completely hassle free in sourcing.


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