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C & C on a success wave

The much sought after C & C led by the versatile Chandani has been a driving force in the music industry ever since she launched her band ten years ago. With an elastic repertoire that attracts both young and old C & C have gathered countless fans which makes them a popular choice for formal dances, corporate gigs, night clubs and on concert stages.

A familiar band at Kingsbury, C & C entertain the guests on Wednesday evenings and also on Sundays at Brunch. What's more the band now keeps music lovers on their toes at the Margarita Blue on Thursday evenings as well as being the featured band at theme nights.

Your band has had a change of personnel over the past months, are you happy with your present line up?

"Yes I am happy. We jell together which is an important factor for a band. My present line up is me on lead vocals, Chaminda on keyboards, we have Kelum as well on vocals, Buddhi is on bass, Niroshan plays lead guitar and Maal is our drummer. Of course I'm happy Jacky is back with us after her stint overseas and her experience is an added attraction to the band," said a happy and smiling Chandani.

Quite naturally, since Chandani has been working hard in expanding the repertoire of the band to take in a lot of the contemporary hits, to fit in with the mood of youth who are present and also the evergreens when the occasion demands it. There's no denying that C & C have the happy knock of entertaining the guests which has earned them the title "popular band".

"Recently the band entertained fans at a successful live concert in Colombo at which Kasun Kalhara and Manik Chandrika were featured. The same concert will be held in other provinces during the coming months and the band is due to make three overseas trips towards the latter part of the year" discloses Chandani. Good luck C & C.


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