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The clash at the Jaffna University Pic: Courtesy

Sunday Politics:

Coal purchase tender politics revealed as UPFA rebels gear up for march

The clash that occurred at the University of Jaffna, last weekend, was a manifestation of the ‘communal sentiments’ dominating Sri Lanka’s post-war politics since May, 2009. As much as racism has plagued the country’s political spectrum in the South, it has done the same damage to the North, coming out of a traumatic experience of a 30-year long war.


Cat's eye: 

Mahendran in Singapore and a new dirty word

I was lamenting (to myself) the fact that there never is any good done by the government that is highlighted in the press or on TV news. We have such short memories and minds that grab the negative, never or seldom the positive. Then I saw that the President had similarly lamented at a meeting somewhere.


Public sector medicines below par?

Private sector ensures minimum standards for storage, transport; Public sector cannot…


The pharmaceutical storage mechanism within the state sector is not safe and does not conform to the proper methods in transporting and storing the drugs in hospitals, a senior consultant says,

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