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Shoppers are evacuated from the mall where the attack happened (AFP)

Munich shooting:

Police ‘raid apartment where killer lived’

Police have reportedly raided the home of the teenager who killed nine people - before turrning the gun on himself - in a shooting that left nine people dead and more than a dozen injured. Authorities are searching for clues as to the motive of the 18-year-old German-Iranian man police say was behind the attack in the Bavarian capital on Friday night.


Jitters in London luxury flat market as investors sell for ‘bargain’ prices

Apartments bought off-plan offered for sale at less than price originally agreed with developers as data suggests Brexit vote could lead to housing sales slump The first real signs of distress in the market for luxury London apartments are starting to emerge, as investors who agreed to buy homes off-plan are starting to sell them on for less than they agreed to pay for them.


US Elections:

As Trump backers praise Brexit, UK and US are nations united in rage

Patriotic, misogynistic mood among Republicans is more lurid than what’s seen in Britain, but the echo is distinct.Donald Trump’s noisy, shambolic and furious convention in Cleveland broke every rule in the US campaigners’ handbook – including the relatively esoteric one that says British politics never, ever gets a mention. Deemed both obscure and irrelevant, the affairs of the UK have been reliably invisible in the US political argument since 1945.

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