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Government Gazette
IGP Pujith Jayasundera takes a close look at the cocaine.

Thirty more containers to be inspected :

Cocaine haul: Customs has only two scanners working

Only two scanners of the four meant for container examinations at the Customs Yard were in working condition, while the Customs requires six such scanners to carry out functions smoothly.


Cocaine haul:

Probe into origin of consignment

The Finance Ministry recently set up the special anti-narcotics unit under the direction of Wing Commander Ravi Jayasinghe. The Unit works closely with the Sri Lanka Customs, PNB and the Police/STF to hunt for and detect illicit drugs. The twin seizures are the biggest since August 2013, when police found 260 kg of heroin hidden in a shipping container that had come from Pakistan.


Black July 1983 anniversary :

‘Move beyond memories towards reconciliation’– Minister Swaminathan

The country should engage in more efforts for inter-ethnic reconciliation and peace-building to bridge the gulf between communities, say both civil society activists as well as government leaders, as Sri Lanka remembers the largest ever inter-ethnic rioting in modern Sri Lanka that occurred 33 years ago in July 1983.

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