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Sunday, 18 December 2005  
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How ironic

It is ironic that Poland, a member

of the EU and once location for a notorious

Nazi extermination camp could possibly

now host an American torture prison!

by Keith Nolan

Unauthorised huts

This is bring to your kind attention, that there are many families who have been affected in Obeysekarapura (Skandadewala Mw, Arunodaya Mw, etc.) due to the negligence of the Municipal Council to remove the unauthorised huts along the Arunalu Uyana Canal area where they are filling the canal and making huts. And a certain residents have built their houses covering the sub-canals which leads to the big canal (area call path-beam area).

Are these huts built behind the eyes of the Municipal Council or is there any politician support behind them? If not, why can't the Municipal Council officers take action immediately to evacuate these unauthorised huts?

When the highway need space to widen the roads, the Highway Dept, acquire the land or the house which are legal to the public by giving them the value of the land or by giving a shelter to those owners. But these huts are illegal so why not remove immediately?

Everyone knows well these floods are not due to continuous heavy rain. This is due to an improper drainage system which is caused by man by filling the drainage areas. Hope the residents who are affected by this flood will get an immediate relief by quick action taken by the relevant authorities.

Affected Sri Lankan Citizen.

Eligible voters

With deep regret I write to inform you that this is the first time since I started voting from 1947 I was prevented from voting as I did not receive my polling cards.

Our entire family of six eligible voters have been left out of the polling list although the usual form was completed and forwarded to the Grama Sevaka. There are several families like us who did not receive their polling cards in our area.Excluding selected names from the voting register is a manipulation by hidden hands, we therefore appeal to our New President to inquire into this matter.

by A. A. Gomez,

Voter registration

As internet is now commonly used in Sri Lanka I suggest that all Sri Lankan citizens who are eligible to vote can check if he or she is being registered by logging their NIC no. and can verify if they are in the voters list as their name should appear if they are on the list.

Also have another section so that they can log in details for them to register in their names are not in the list.

The Dept. of Examinations is now using this for the O/L and A/L results and I do not see any reason why the Dept. of Elections cannot have this facility to our citizens.

by A. Azmeer,
Colombo 05.

Beauty of a woman

It is disheartening to observe nowadays a rapid deterioration of the sanctity of women by the derogatory dress style and their provocative manner of behaviour in public. These category of women seem to have an unintelligible complex that the beauty of a woman could be displayed only by glaringly and exposing the parts of their anatomies scantly clad in whatever fashionable dresses they desire.

Women have an instinct to look attractive more than their male counterparts. But then, a woman clad in such revealing sexy attire would only promote lustful thoughts in males which would only encourage them spontaneously to develop a warped vision of all womankind.

We often witness how even elderly mothers themselves care less for public opinion and walk along with their teen-age daughters clad in provocative clothes.

Then, where our teledramas, films and commercial advertisements are concerned - the situation is even more misbegotten, with sex and nudity in the superlative form, with most of their private parts in the anatomy exposed scantly dressed in whatever fashionable dress to attract their clients.

Thus women have become mere sex symbols and advertising items and are a far cry from those good old days when women were regarded as god's noblest creations who commanded respect from their male counterparts.

Personally, I have my greatest respect for womankind - for if not for them, the very existence of man would never have been possible and they are our mothers of the future generations.

by Don Sarath Abeyesekera,

Empower women

Time and again we have seen many articles, letters, etc. on the subject of the plight of women or their families working overseas, in search of greener pastures. I find it rather disturbing that all these messages are focused on the negativity of pursuing foreign employment. It is almost an attempt discourage women and all who support them.

Now that we are all aware of the lurking evils, in the world 'out there' how about focusing on developing empowerment. Teach these women their rights and how to get on with their lives even if their world falls apart.

Isn't the lack of empowerment the reason why women are forced to be submissive to all types of battery and abuse? Perhaps along with the training they are given on using blenders and stoves, how about incorporating a session on moral, legal and basic human rights?

In the case of married women and women in relationships, joint counselling for husbands and significant others would help too. I believe that couples or families must be educated together on this subject of pursuing foreign employment and how to deal with difficult times. That would be the responsibility of society as opposed to pointing accusing fingers at evil doers and the victims.

by Thusharaa de Silva,

ERPM examination

I am one of the mother of a foreign medical graduate, the examination to register to practise medicine (ERPM Act 16) is indefinitely postponed, some RMPP got a foreign medical degree in 6 months they got the approval from the Medical Council and the Ministry of Health. As they have already registered and in the medical profession; the GMOA is not in favour of them, therefore the exam is withheld after Jan. 2005.

This position is affecting and depriving the rights of 180 brand new graduates. There is a loud cry for doctors islandwide. If the examination is held and all the graduates are appointed, the life saving service for the nation will be fulfilled.

Let all the elements that delay the exam, act together on human and reasonable basis to redress the grievances of the sick on one hand and employing the foreign medical graduates on the other.

by Dr. Mrs. T.Gopalaratnam,

Tyranny of stupid rules

The thousand of devotees, flocking to the Sri Maha Bodhi recently, were told to "come in white" or they would be refused entry. How much nicer for the invitation to have read, "come preferably in white", rather than "otherwise keep out !" for our poor citizens, owning a white garment is as difficult as having a tuxedo, for some. For one thing, where is the money for so much Sunlight to keep it clean in our dusty climate?

The tendency to impose inflexible rules, taken from other religions, should be opposed by Buddhist women here, as it is at them they are mostly directed. We here the "white only" rule at Anuradhapura hardly applied to the male devotees.

How meekly our women succumb to rules such as, the ridiculous one against ascending the Pattirippuwa of the Dalada Maligawa, when the tooth relic itself was smuggled in, concealed in the luxuriant tresses of Princess Hemamalini.

The pathetic state of our country is largely due to the meek submissiveness of its women to what is wrong and unfair, not only against themselves, but also against the weak and downtrodden islandwide.

by Prema Ranawaka-Das,

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