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Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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Kandyan Bodu Govi well qualified Government School Teacher (PHD, GAQ) 5'1", 36 yrs., fair, pretty, slim, decent character, parents are seeking qualified established partner. Overseas proposals are considered. (horoscope needed). [email protected]

Affluent Sinhala Buddhist professional parents from Colombo seek a partner for their fair, well accomplished, 5'2", vastly educated (ACMA, 1st Class Degree, CFA) 26 year old daughter reading for an MBA at a prestigious Ivy League University in USA and currently in Sri Lanka on a short holiday. The ideal partner should be of a similar social background. Respond to [email protected]

G/B mother seeks professionally qualified partner or educated business person for educated daughter 31, 5'4" height. She inherits new upstair house, car, cash and owns more assets, non-malefic horoscope. Email [email protected]

Govi Buddhist business parents from Colombo suburbs seek professionally qualified son from a respectable family for their 25 yrs., 5'5" fair and pretty daughter. She is a final year IT student in a UK University, inheriting very valuable land and business assets in Colombo suburbs. Please contact : [email protected]

Brother seeks a partner for sister G/B, Canadian citizen, 27 years, 5'1", slim, fair, pretty, Microbiologist. Caste, nationality, religion immaterial. Email : [email protected]

Elder sister resident in Australia seeks academically/professionally qualified Buddhist partner of sober habits for pretty, accomplished educated sister of 35 years, holding Executive position in an Export oriented company. Height 5'3" contact [email protected] for further details correspondence strictly confidential.

Parents (Father professional) seek marriage partner for 32 yrs. daughter Govi Catholic educated in a leading Colombo Convent professionally qualified Senior Executive in a leading Mercantile Company height 5'3" slim pretty all details please E-mail [email protected]

A partner sought  for respectable Govi Catholic graduate in late 40, well employed, unmarried, looks 38 seeks suitable partner for early marriage, owns house, fixed deposits and other assets. Differences immaterial. E-mail - [email protected]

Buddhist Vishwakula brother seeks  educated partner for sister age 30, 5'8" pretty professionally qualified in IT Visakha educated and presently employed in UK caste immaterial. Reply with horoscope. [email protected]

A suitable partner is sought by B/G respectable family with academically, professionally qualified brothers in Sri Lanka, UK sister in Australia for attractive qualified medical Doctor  in her early forties, divorced (innocent party) after brief marriage with no encumbrances, substantial assets including house and property. Reply with family details horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Affluent, educated parents in business, seek a professionally qualified partner, a non smoker with sober habits, for their well accomplished very pretty, very fair, slim, daughter 27 years, professionally qualified, CIMA, presently well employed abroad, professional brothers and sisters living abroad, owns considerable assets, seek a partner preferably abroad, with religion Catholic or Buddhist. Bride's parents Karawa, Catholic / Buddhist. Please reply with family details. email [email protected]

Moor parents are looking for a professionally qualified groom for their pretty only daughter, 23 years, slim fair 5'4" well educated professionally qualified Psychologist and working as a Teacher for British International School in Doha. The groom should be below 28 years of age and willing to live in Qatar or the bride is willing to migrate. Contact [email protected]

B/D mother seeks a suitable partner for attractive daughter 46, 5'3", MSc., MBA qualified Bank Senior Manager. Email [email protected]

G/B parents residing abroad seek proposals for their second daughter, 31 years, 5'3", fair, studied in USA. B.Sc. and M.Sc. from a top US university and well employed there. She is a pure Vegetarian and holding US Green Card. Preference to US based grooms. E-mail : [email protected]

G/B parents seek proposals for their third daughter, 27 years, 5'3", fair, studied in USA and holding a BBA Degree from a reputed US University. Reading for MBA. Employed in a leading bank in Dubai where parents are residing. Willing to migrate. E-mail : [email protected]

Colombo suburbs G/B respectable business parents seek same caste well mannered professional educated partner or established businessman with good family background preferably non-smoker teetotaller for their fair pleasant well mannered daughter 25 years 5'2" studied in a leading girls school, inherits substantial assets working in their family owned well established group of companies. Please reply with horoscope and family details. Email [email protected]

SBS, UK, domiciled parents seek partner. Prefers Doctor or professionally qualified below 35 same caste or Govi for their 28 yrs. old cultured, well mannered, professionally employed in London, 5'8" tall daughter. Please send family details with horoscope (Free from maleficents in 7th & 8th). Email : [email protected]

Respectable Govi / Buddhist parents seek academically / professionally qualified partner for their 27 years 5' tall fair pretty slim MBBS Doctor daughter in Government Service overseas. Reply with full family details educational background employment details and horoscope, Email [email protected]

A B/G respectable mother Western Province seeks a caring partner for her daughter, 45 years, fair and looks younger English teacher in a Government School, 5'2" height, with substantial assets. Please e.mail all your details to [email protected]

Sinhala Catholic professional parents residents in U.K. seek partner for their 31 year old, pretty daughter graduated and well employed, owns two Colombo houses, willing to re-locate. Religion immaterial. Email - [email protected]

Sinhalese family citizen in USA mother seeks suitable partner for her 28 years of age daughter who is working in Pvt Company in USA a partner living in USA or other country is preferred or partner willing to migrate to USA. Please reply with family details and contact number. Mail to: [email protected]

Respectable G/B parents seek suitable partner for fair pretty daughter divorcee with a daughter 12 yrs. Her height 52 age 40 yrs. (very youthful) holding a managerial post and owns an upstair 2 unit house in Colombo and a car. Contact [email protected]

Buddhist professional parents seek well brought up son for their elder daughter. Final year PhD student in Bio Medical Sciences (Paediatric Cardiac) from a good med School in USA, 26+, fair, 5'5" tall. She is brought up according to SL Buddhist Culture. Only brother (23) also a PhD student from a prestigious University in USA. Reply with horoscope. Email [email protected]



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