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Marriage Proposals
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B/S respectable business parents seek educated pretty daughter for their only son 30 years 57 smart non-smoker teetotaller presently involved in business monthly income over 600,000/- and assets over 500 Million keen Buddhist. Please respond with all family details horoscope and contact numbers. Caste immaterial. Reply Sinhala and English.
OB-1073, C/o Sunday Observer, Lake House, Colombo. 

A very beautiful, fair girl below 29 years with good family values sought for brother, Canadian citizen, graduated in Finance from a prestigious University in Canada, US Chartered Accountant (CPA), US Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and holding a very good position at a Canadian Government Agency. He is of good character, very fair, tall, handsome, early 30's but looks much younger. Siblings are Doctors and Accountants settled abroad. We are broadminded and differences are immaterial. Father Hindu, mother Catholic and are of Jaffna origin. Relocating to another country will be considered. Email responses preferred. [email protected]  2736652.

Educated pretty light-complexioned bride at least 55 sought for graduate son 26 years Roman Catholic Burgher, only child tall slim non-smoker and teetotaler well-employed at a large financial institution in Melbourne, Australia. Please also provide family details. Email: [email protected]

Moor parents from a respectable family seek an educated pretty religious bride for their son 27, 5'8" a final year student of B.Com in  Finance and Accounting in Australia (Melbourne) prior to his departure to Australia, he was attached to a leading Multinational Company (Finance Division) in Colombo. He will be in Sri Lanka for a short holiday in end June. [email protected]

Sinhala Buddhist family living in Italy seeks  an educated pretty daughter for their son 28 yrs. 5'7". He was grown and studied in Italy, has an electronic / tele. high school Diploma.  Bride must be willing to settle in Italy. He has own house in Italy. Reply with all details in 1st letter. [email protected] Tel:- +393280649373   +390341320213   +390341651980.

Sinhalese Buddhist parents seek fair slim pretty and educated bride who is willing to migrate Australia for well established son, 29+, non smoker teetotaller and accounting graduate working in Australia. Respond with family details and horoscope. Confidentiality will be assured. Email - [email protected]

Roman Catholic Karawe professional parents seek a pretty bride, a Doctor or a final year medical undergraduate from an affluent family for their handsome eldest son (B.Com Australia) 26 yrs. 5'10" working as an Internal Accounts Manager in a leading Company in Australia. Please apply with full details to email: [email protected]

A respectable well connected Roman Catholic professional parents with assets seek for their son who is a professional and also reading for CIMA age 27 height 5'9" very smart, good looking with good values,  an educated partner (pursuing  further studies considered) between 22 - 26 age from a respectable  family. She should be smart, pleasant & efficient.  Sri Lankan families abroad considered. Reply with family details. Email [email protected]

Buddhist British parents seek suitable partner for their only child. He is 31 yrs. old, 5'8" tall, non-smoker, teetotaller and quite good looking. He is a Paediatrician/Registrar in a London Hospital. We are looking for a pretty, fair, slim, professionally qualified fluent in English daughter from a respectable family. Please reply with copy of horoscope. Email : [email protected]

Roman Catholic Karawe professional parents seek a pretty bride, preferably a first or second year Medical Undergraduate  from an affluent family for their handsome youngest son (Bachelor of Applied Science, Sydney) 21 yrs., 5'9" working as a Clinical Officer in a leading Hospital in Sydney. Please apply with full details to email : [email protected]

Kurunegala G/Catholic parents seek educated pretty, slim, fair daughter with means for their son MBBS Doctor 28 yrs. 5'8" teetotaller local / foreign considered. [email protected]

B/K parents seek  kind, pleasant, educated partner with Buddhist values, preferably in the US or willing to relocate for son 30+, 5'10", teetotaller, non smoker, kind, smart with good character and interests in sports, music and social work. Holds managerial position in leading computer graphics company in California, with BSc MSc from prestigious US University. Visiting Sri Lanka in Dec. 2009. Please reply with family details to [email protected]  or call 0112372760.

Catholic Salagama respectable family seeks well brought up beautiful educated caring daughter below 29, preferably talented in music, from a truly respectable family for only son Telecommunication Engineer and internationally reputed artist, 5'7" very smart, slim and handsome with noble values, absolute teetotaller non smoker. Buddhists and those living abroad also welcome. [email protected]

Fair pretty tall kind and sober well educated partner living in the USA is sought by high-tech professional of executive grade American citizen well established securely employed in USA. He is 40 yrs. / 6 ft. sober fair refined & pleasing personality from G/B family living in the USA. Never married seeking partner never married with non-malefic HC. Religion & assets are not issues. Please include all contact details and E-mail address with fully detailed first response. Email: [email protected]

Adventurous romantic warm hearted 38 y/o seeks pretty intelligent lady who can make him smile. Differences immaterial, divorcees with "encumbrances" welcome. [email protected]  0724251836.

Parents father professional seek  suitable partner for son Govi Catholic 27 yrs MSc CIMA finalist Chartered Finalist Finance Manager in mercantile company height 5'9" fair handsome educated in leading college in Colombo Govi Catholic partner preferred. e-mail: [email protected]



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