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Sunday, 3 February 2013





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette
A drawing by a pre-school child on ethnic harmony

Move forward together as one people

Much of the social and economic progress have been achieved in the past 65 years. The signs are already boldly written on every Sri Lankan in the sense of the many opportunities that have been provided to enable him/her to live in better and much improved conditions of living.

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Integrity lies beyond honesty

Everyone knew that Abraham Lincoln was a capable lawyer, but he was very choosy when it came to accepting cases. One day, Lincoln listened to a client for some considerable time and then gazing abstractedly on the ceiling, he swung around his chair and told him, “Well, you have a pretty good case in technical law, but a pretty bad one in equity and justice.

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Thorns on the Side

Long live the telegram

The telegram is dead. Long live the telegram. Indeed, reports on the death of the telegram seem to have been greatly exaggerated. According to a report in our sister paper the Daily News, Posts Minister Jeevan Kumaratunga has assured that there are no plans to scrap the service at the moment despite the availability of more modern means of communication.

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