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Sunday, 3 February 2013





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Love-Slave asked to give up private agendas

Ra-Blue and the Green seniors have asked Saa-jeet, the Love-Slave, to give up his private agendas and provide his Rs. 50,000 cash donations to temples and other places of religious worship as a You-En-Pee project. We wonder whether Ra-Blue is aware of the source of funding of the project Arunata Sasuna. It's from none other than NGO specialist Parking-Soothy.

Sanna Boy to select cricketers

Media heads at their recent meeting with the Prez, questioned the appointment of Master Blaster Sanna Boy as the committee that selects cricketers, alleging that it was politicisation. "Tell me whether you know him as a cricketer or as a politician. He is a great cricketer than a politician," the Prez said. Everybody agreed.

Whither the Green reformists?

Where have all the Green Reformists gone, keeping poor Love-Slave in the wilderness? Kind-Siri, Raw-See, Buddi-Car, Gingerly-tha and Middle-Bandara kept mum when their Reformist group leader was summoned before You-En-Pee seniors loyal to Ra-Blue. "I could well understand them. They don't want to lose their party membership," a dejected Love-Slave told a confidant.

Lull Kanth accuses Bell leader

Lull Kanth was crestfallen that the Bell Boys had been unable to capitalise on the impeachment matter and urged Soo-me, the One-sa to be more aggressive if they are to sustain themselves as the third force in local politics. "Don't let our supporters compare you with Ranil. We should have a better vision. We have already lost our number three slot in politics," Lull Kanth told a meeting that is politburo.


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