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40 years fair, pretty slim divorced no encumbrances lady seeks a (life partner) who lives in European country willing to migrate. Owns considerable wealth. Please reply person interested in a marriage. 1. [email protected]
2. [email protected]

A professional Sinhala Buddhist parents seek kind-hearted well-mannered professionally qualified partner for slim pretty fair educated daughter 28, 5'3" working as an Executive in multi-national company. Substantial dowry available for her.

A partner with professional background is sought by respectable Buddhist Sinhalese parents residing in Australia for their very fair, pretty, professionally qualified Accountant daughter, in late twenties. Our daughter will inherit assets in Australia and Sri Lanka. Will be visiting Sri Lanka shortly on holiday. Please respond with horoscope and family details. Email: [email protected]

Ambalangoda Buddhist Salagama Graduate Teacher mother seeks educated partner for daughter 32, 5'2" attractive IT Graduate and Senior Software Engineer working in reputed firm in Colombo. Willing to migrate to Australia. Elder sister migrated to Australia and others in the family are professionally qualified and well established. Caste immaterial. E-mail: [email protected]

A Buddhist Govi partner sought by parents for pretty fair five four twenty seven plus daughter employed UK. Direct internet communications with horoscope from grooms themselves preferred. [email protected]

Administrative Executive preparing BSc-IT international degree 31 + 63" B/G middle-class pleasing daughter willing migration seeks educated cultured son 32-37. Kuja 12478 12. [email protected]

Buddhist Salagama parents from Colombo seek a well educated partner for their daughter. She is fair pretty, 5'4" in height and became 25 yrs last month. She obtained a first class honours degree and completed her PhD in Bio Medical Sciences in UK recently. She is presently employed in a post doctoral position in London. She inherits property in Sri Lanka. Proposals from Sinhala Buddhist professionals who are resident in UK or who are planning to do further studies in UK are welcome. She will be visiting Sri Lanka in December. Please write with details and a copy of the horoscope. e-mail [email protected]

Educated parents (GB) living in New Zealand are seeking a well-educated bridegroom below 27 years of age, for 21-year light-skinned 5'8" tall, well-mannered daughter, accounting graduate commencing her professional career from February 2007 in a top international accounting firm. Prospective groom shall be a suitably qualified professional with unblemished character, and good social skills, preferably who has significant work experience in Western Country, and has right to live there. Our family will be in Sri Lanka in December. You could also contact us on following email address to facilitate further correspondence and to match horoscopes. [email protected]

Friend seeks a partner from Australia or Europe for educated lady 42 old. Tele. 94-78-5222897. Email: [email protected]

Govi Buddhist Professional parents residing in Australia, seek for their attractive accomplished graduate daughter 5’2” 27 years old a suitable partner, ideally below 35 yrs. of similar status residing in Australia or willing to migrate to Australia. Please reply with full family details. Email: [email protected]

Govi Buddhist parents seek young handsome doctor for their very pretty daughter Doctor aged 28, 5'3". Sri Lankan doctor in U.S.A. also preferred. 94-77-6707879. Email: [email protected]

Kandyan Govi Buddhist parents in Australia seek a Doctor or MBBS undergraduate son for their 22 years old, 5'7", MBBS undergraduate daughter, who values Sinhala Buddhist culture. Please reply with family details. All replies treated with confidentiality. [email protected]

Kindhearted educated gentleman between ages 60-75 sought by 59-year-old Sri Lankan lady divorced without encumbrances working and living in USA. Replies to the advertiser or e-mail [email protected]

Mother seeks a loving, honest partner for her attractive, accomplished 25 year old daughter, born in Sri Lanka speaks Sinhalese, Canadian citizen, kind hearted, honest, living with family in Canada, University graduate, IT specialist in an international company. Ideally looking for a handsome 28-30 yrs with traditional Sinhalese values, 5'8" or above, who is holding engineering or similar university degree and willing to settle down in Canada. Wealth immaterial. Reply with telephone number, horoscope, and full particulars. [email protected]

Professional G/B parents living in Australia seek for 27 yrs fair, very slim 5'4" MBBS daughter a son of comparable family and attributes. Our daughter is well accomplished and well brought up with unblemished character. Medical professionals of good character and outgoing personality please apply with horoscope and details. Email [email protected]

Respectable Tamil Catholic parents Colombo seek partner professionally / educated businessman for their Convent educated daughter 38 years fair 5'4" with good character race immaterial applicant from overseas welcome.

Sinhalese Catholic professional working overseas seeks very attractive partner below 36 years. She should be self-confident and cheerful. Dowry, status, race immaterial, foreigner ok. Please self reply to Telephone: 94-77-9857441 or Email: [email protected]

Sinhala Catholic parents, Canadian citizens looking for daughter, 34 years, tall, slim, very fair, professionally qualified, looking for a tall handsome partner with similar qualification. Please apply with details, phone number, e-mail address etc. E-mail: [email protected]

Tamil, Christian age 38, Electronics Engineer, kind & loving seeks life partner with similar character. Must be prepared to settle in Sydney, Australia.




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