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These rare shots captured by our staff photographer speak for themselves and tell a story of the commitment and effort that they render towards our protection and the task of nation building.

An officer and a lady: You've come a long way, lass

When the Sri Lankan Women's Corp was formed in 1980 by the British Women's Reserve Army Corps, it was only as an "unarmed, noncombatant `support unit" that they first made their mark. With a five year service commitment at enlistment, they were put through physical training and drill, however, with the exception of weaponry training and battle-craft.

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"Why was she foolish enough to marry you?" In this series, we ask couples how they met - and then the rest...: "Generally, I don't like him," says this cheerful-cheese wife

Ernie and Shiela got married on October 24 in 1956 at St.Lucia's Cathedral, Kotahena, and had the reception at Mumtaz Mahal, former Speakers' residence with a long invitee list. Shiela was clad that day in a beautiful white saree decorated with lace and pearls exclusively done for her by 'Nagindas', Main Street.

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Americans think Sri Lankan reaction to tragedy is to enjoy life more than ever!

Still, there are children who lost at least one relative in the tsunami that killed more than 40,000 and displaced 2.5 million, and I was going to work for two agencies that help these young victims.

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