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De - merger dilemmas, devolution dialectics

The case for de-merger may be sound, but the consequences must be calculated. Let me illustrate my point: it is perfectly justifiable, desirable and necessary that we advance towards Elephant pass and recapture it, but it would be stupid to repeat Operation Agni Keela and take heavy casualties in ambushes which make us retreat.

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A state de-moralizing its 'troops', when it needs to inspire them?

A recent survey had it that Sri Lanka was the unfreindliest country in the region to invest in. Perhaps it wasn't much like the 'failed state' survey which was a grand fib, given that we are talking of a state with a 8 per cent growth rate, which had been dubbed last week in an international strategy magazine as the most prosperous country of the region.

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Without credibility a newspaper will perish

The usefulness of the press

"The usefulness of the press goes much wider than investigating abuses or even spreading general news; it lies in holding governments to account - trying them in the court of public opinion". These prescient remarks come from The Economist (August 26th, 2006) Leader article.

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