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Huge influx of buyers at facets - proof of Lanka's treasure trove

A record number of over 400 foreign buyer secured gemstones at Sri Lanka's FACETS 2006 international gem and jewellery show, which concluded in September, in contrast to 150 overseas buyers at most, who visited a single FACETS show in the past.

Sri Lanka gems and jewellery

This confirms the turn of popularity Sri Lanka is beginning to enjoy as the best source of coloured gemstones in the world, and as a trading hub in the region, Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Authority (SLGJA) treasurer, Akram Mansoor said. In contrast, the Bangkok Coloured Gemstone Show, which is Sri Lanka's archrival for precious stone exhibitions in the region, took place immediately after the FACETS show, and again proved to be a failure, according to the local trade who visited the show.

The 16th successive FACETS show, themed, `Gemstones direct from the source...' perhaps had proved its point that Sri Lanka is the world's richest treasure trove of coloured precious stones, harbouring over 75 of 200 known mineral varieties. In contrast, Bangkok is known to be displaying differed stones and Beryllium treated stones.

The better known Sri Lankan coloured precious stones are, Sapphires, Rubies, Alexandrites, Cats-eyes, Padaradscha, Amethysts, Topaz, Zicons, Tourmaline, Garnets and Moonstones.

FACETS '06 was held for the second time at the BMICH Exhibition Centre, Colombo, and buyers present came from all the European Union member nations, Turkey, USA, Israel, the Middle East, India, Singapore, myanmar, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, besides, comprising most of the best known buyers from around the globe, Mansoor said. FACETS '06 included foreign exhibitors from Singapore, Dubai, Thailand, India, Hong Kong and Myanmar.

A record number of 800 local buyers had also made purchases, strengthening the FACETS customer base. The quantum and value of sales effected this year has yet to be computed by the National Gem and Jewellery Authority (NGJA).

Meanwhile, the tentative date for FACETS 2007 is 31 August to 3 September.

The NGJA will facilitate a Sri Lanka pavilion at the China international Gold Jewellery and Gem Fair, to take place at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre, Shanghai, China from 1 to 5 November. Leading local exporters of gems and jewellery will take part.

The SLGJA has nominated Akram Mansoor and M. S. M. Fozli to promote local gemstones during the show. Mansoor contended that SLGJA which has over the years promoted the FACETS show aggressively, all over the world, will begin promoting FACETS 2007, from 1 November this year.

Sri Lanka will also take part in the Jaipur Coloured Precious Stones Show, to be held in Raj Mahal Palace, in Jaipur India, from 22 to 24 December this year.

Sri Lanka had taken part in the Indian Gem and Jewellery Show, in Mumbai during the past two years. However, next year, the dates on which the Mumbai show will be held, coincides with the dates of FACETS 2007 and SLGJA has decided that its members will not take part in the Mumbai Show Mansoor said.


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