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Psycho, Sicko, Why Ko!

Was Gopalaswami privy to Prabhakaran's plans to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi?

India is a great country and where every citizen feels proud to be Indian first. This is despite the fact her diversity is beyond comprehension. India is fast becoming a great power and one feature that appeals to the whole world is its rich culture with its spirituality and human consciousness.

Even when it is impacted by Western materialistic trends and fads, India is able to absorb them and yet keep its unique cultural blossoms in pleasing fragrance and lovely hues.


A man supporting a terrorist ideology is indeed capable of treachery against the great nation he borne by threatening her stability Whether one is a Maharashtran or Nagalander in the north or a Tamil or Malayalee in the south or a Bengali in the east and Coorgese in the west, they are all Indians.

Mahatma Gandhi with his ahimsa and non-violence philosophy contributed a great deal to ingrain this firmly in the hearts of every Indian. As such whatever India exports or projects beyond her realms and into a world where she can bring new hope, every measure must be taken that these are not polluted by substandard material, phony precepts, false fads and politically destructive ideologies.

It is to the last of the categories the chief of the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kalagam (MDMK) Vaiyapuri Gopalaswami alias "Why Ko" belongs. Already this individual is known as a turncoat politician, which consigns him to the lowest of the political ladder of opportunists. He is a powerful orator who like the farmer who used his sickle as a weapon of violence instead of an implement for the harvest in his field.


Evidently he enjoys the adoration the Tiger terrorists have for him because he is a useful ally to cause much damage on their behalf not only in Sri Lanka but also even in India especially in Tamilnadu. He is, in our view, a rabble-rouser who only sees himself as a giant of a hero in the mirror in the privacy of his room and then believes that he is the greatest Indian born since Kautiliya of Arthasastra fame.

In a way, perhaps more definitely, the support he gives the Tiger terrorists is a traitorous act. Surely he knows who was responsible for the brutal assassination of a former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on Indian soil; even more in Tamilnadu itself.

It was Rajiv Gandhi who has given the best hope to solve Sri Lanka's ethnic crisis and even succeeded in forcing the wily President Jayawardene to sign the peace accord, which recognized the North and East as traditional habitations of the Tamils and offered a provincial devolution of administration.

Rajiv Gandhi wanted Why Ko's participation in his efforts but he forestalled it by making an illegal visit to Sri Lanka obviously helped by the LTTE to cross the Palk Straits and conferred with Prabhakaran on what Rajiv Gandhi had in mind. It is possible without Why Ko knowing about it, Prabhakaran recognized Rajiv Gandhi as a threat to his plans and decided then and there to eliminate him. However, it is also possible Why Ko may have been privy to his plans.

Why Ko was communicating with dangerous people and worse enemies of India when he could have joined Chief Minister Karunanidhi and went on an officially blessed mission to Sri Lanka to confer with Prabhakaran.

Instead, he betrayed India, betrayed Sri Lanka and perhaps had his own agenda, which pleased the LTTE. If that is so, what were his plans and intentions? Unfortunately with people like Why Ko this cannot be easily analyzed. As politicians they are opportunistic and seek the paths that would serve their selfish interests. Why Ko, obviously has to be one such and his record in Tamilnadu in this respect is only too well known.

Seconds before the LTTE terrorist assassinated a great son of Mother India: Rajiv Gandhi (22nd May 1991) How can any politician anywhere in the world support a terror organization like the LTTE that sends young maidens and children to slaughter with absolute impunity? How can anyone support the LTTE that is determined to set up a mafia state in South Asia? The rights of the Sri Lankan Tamils cannot be served by the LTTE; it only uses them as the source for their armed cadres and human shields.

The LTTE has no political programme or ideology and it decimates whoever says anything against it. It will use people like Why Ko and when it feels they have expended the need, without a second thought put the bullet through their heads. The LTTE has done just this all along even to President Ranasinghe Premadasa who generously funded them and even equipped this terror outfit with arms.

Who is Why Ko to this sickly band of deadly killers? He is just an Indian guy who the Tigers can use for sometime and then be deposed, more probably with the bullet. And it is quite likely that Why Ko has a deal with the LTTE and when it comes to a deal, Tigers place a cash consideration as their currency.

Even in New York they are alleged to have offered a million US dollars to a US bureaucrat for some considerations. It is a fairly well-known practice of the LTTE to bribe Tamilnadu politicians and why cannot Why Ko be one of them? Even if he is not for a cash return, any analyst will be forgiven to suspect such a possibility because LTTE are past masters at bribing people. Why cannot Why Ko be a sicko psycho?



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