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Rent-a-car serves robbers

by Jayampathy Jayasinghe

Aluthgama police have launched a manhunt for the arrest of a three-member gang responsible for a spate of robberies in Moratuwa, Panadura , Kurunegala and other areas following the arrest of two persons at a road check point in Moratuwa area last week.

OIC Crimes Aluthgama Police, Inspector Udayakumara said the two persons arrested at Moratuwa were travelling in a vehicle which they had hired from a "rent-a-car" service at Kurunegala. Earlier they had robbed two houses at Aluthgama and got away with cash, jewellery, and cellular mobile phones worth more than Rs. 200,000 after threatening to shoot the inmates.

Meanwhile, Gokorella Police said the two men along with other members of the gang had robbed a liquor shop at Gokorella and got away with Rs 82,000 recently. Meanwhile police have warned rent-a car services to check the credentials of persons who call over to hire vehicles. Many robberies in the past have been committed with such vehicles, police said.


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