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UNP decides how to support Govt.,: Committee System, or not?

There is broad agreement that the new cooperation arrangement between the UNP and the SLFP will be on a Committee system, where UNP MPs can be in opposition, work through the committees, and hold key posts including Mministerial posts.

But, it's also learnt that there is some resistance within the UNP on this agreement, and that some of its members are opting to join the government, to form a national government.

This situation is now being resolved within the UNP, while its leader Ranil Wickremeisghe will meet President Mahinda Rajapaksa for summit talks this week.

Though the modalities are yet to be finalized, the two sides have reached an understanding that the structure would be similar to the Donoughmore system, he said.

The two parties have agreed to work together for the benefit of the country on key areas like the Ethnic Issue, Electoral Reforms, etc., "This country badly suffered due to divided party politics on national issues for a long time. This is a historic effort by the two main parties to address identified key national issues for the betterment of the country", Minister of Power John Seneviratne said.

He said that the UNP MPs can remain in the Opposition and some of them can actively participate in Committees holding different positions to achieve the set goals.

According to the draft proposals, there will be Subject Committees where the Chairman of the Committee will be similar to a Cabinet Minister and the Deputy Chairman playing the role of a Deputy Minister.

Other members irrespective of whether they are the members of the ruling party or the opposition would become the members of the Committees.


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