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DateLine Sunday, 24 June 2007





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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Academically/professionally qualified partner with sober habits is sought by B/G parents in Colombo suburbs for their B.A., M.A. qualified daughter 31+ 5'1" slim/good-looking holding an academic post in a University. Reply with horoscope and details. Email: 

Affluent Govi Buddhist professional parents living in Australia seek for their 28 year old pretty 5’2” tall accomplished corporate Lawyer daughter brought up to value Sinhala and Buddhist traditions, an educated (professional or Masters) son below 33 years from an equivalent family background residing in Australia or willing to migrate to Australia. Please reply with family details via email to

An educated partner aged 22-30, Engineer, Accountant, Academic, other professional willing to migrate, is sought by Sinhala Buddhist family (father, a doctor in Australia & only brother is a New Zealand Civil Engineer, already married) for their pretty daughter, aged 20, New Zealand Citizen, 5'2", accounting student in Australia. 

A respectable family from Colombo suburb seek partner / businessman for daughter educated and employed, beautiful, fair, 35, looking young, assets house property & other, very short marriage divorced plaintiff. Differences immaterial. email

A suitable partner is sought by B/D parents (professionals) in Colombo suburbs for daughter - slim, fair, pretty 5'4", born in 1972, academically and professionally qualified Financial Controller of a multi-national Company with a very good salary. A car and other assets available as dowry. Malefic horoscope. Only brother professionally qualified Manager. Please reply with copy of horoscope. Caste immaterial. 

B/G mother in Colombo suburb seeks an educated well-established professional or businessman with sober habits son for educated fair younger-looking daughter 34+ 4'11" employed in private sector doing computer related job. Assets available. Reply with family details & H/c. E-mail:

B/G mother seeks suitable partner for 39 yrs. very much young looking divorced with one son as a foreign language teacher looking for the partner migration also considered.

G/B educated family seeks a professional partner for daughter 35 yrs looks much younger 5'3" fair attractive with pleasant qualities. Well educated and employed as an executive in a prestigious organisation in Colombo. Kuja 1 Makara Lagna. E-mail:

G/B mother Colombo suburbs seeks suitable partner non-smoking teetotaller below 38 for attractive daughter 29 years employed in International Company willing to reside abroad. Reply with horoscope and details.

G/B mother seeks professionally qualified or well employed partner for her smart and well mannered only daughter 37 yrs 5'4" working abroad as an Executive drawing a very good salary. Divorced after a short deceived marriage, innocent party, no encumbrances, willing to live here or abroad. She owns a luxury new upstair house and other valuable assets here and abroad. Please reply with details and copy of horoscope (essential) in first letter. E-mail -

GB parents seek a suitable educated partner for their very attractive 36 year old, 5'3" tall Doctor (MD) daughter in USA. She is kind, caring and brought up with Sri Lankan values. An American citizen, well established and has substantial assets in USA & Sri Lanka. She is in Sri Lanka till first week of July. If interested please send family details with horoscope. E-mail:

Govi Bodu Divisional Secretary seeks professionally qualified decent partner below 35 for Chartered / Degree qualified daughter of 5'2" employed in Accounts field, owns a  house with assets / cash dowry. Reply with horoscope. 

Govi Buddhist parents living in Australia are seeking a suitable partner for their daughter (32) who is a doctor working in Sydney Australia. She is a dual citizen of Britain and Australia. Caste immaterial. e-mail:

Kandyan GB retired Teacher parents seek a professionally qualified teetotaller partner for their youngest daughter 33 yrs. 5’6” slim fair pleasant well-mannered Graduate Chartered Accountant in a leading semi-Government organization. Two married sisters settled abroad. Reply with family particulars and horoscope.
C/O Sunday Observer, Lake House, Colombo. 

Kandyan Buddhist retired teacher seeks Doctor / Engineer partner for her daughter MBBS doctor. 35 yr fair & pretty with assets.

Professional brother seeks educated well-employed partner for sister G/RC 5'5" 38 years private bank employee. Smart outgoing & young looking. Assets house worth over 10M cash and jewellery. Email

Respectable G/B parents residing in UK are seeking a suitable, professional doctor / engineer partner for their qualified, pretty doctor daughter of 25 years, 5'3" and fair, working just outside London. Partner residing and working in UK, between the age of 27 - 32 from a similar background preferred. Please reply to with family details. 

Respectable parents from Moratuwa looking forward a suitable partner for only daughter of Deva / Buddhist family 5'4" tall fair pretty 32 years attractive and good command of English well qualified well employed. She inherits substantial property and cash. Caste immaterial. Apply with H/P.

Salagama Buddhist respectable parents seek for their daughter 28, MBBS Doctor, a suitable partner of similar professional status. She has a large house in Colombo and other assets. The only two sisters married are also medical doctors. Caste immaterial. Please apply with full details and copy of horoscope.

Sinhala Buddhist Professional parents seek educated partner for their daughter 27 yrs 5' tall. Currently studying for a medical degree in U.S.A. E-mail -

Sinhalese Buddhist lady age 42 height 5'3" fair complexioned good looking working as Secretary seeks suitable marriage partner age (45-58) from U.K./USA/Australia/New Zealand or any other European country. Caste religion immaterial. Foreigners considered. Persons seriously interested in marriage please write with full details to E-mail: 

Sinhalese Govi Buddhist parents residing in UK seek professional good natured handsome partner living in UK for daughter. She is raised in UK, 29 years old educated, fair, attractive, excellent character, working for renowned organization in London. Respects Sri Lankan and Western cultures. Reply with details. Caste immaterial. Email 

UK resident G/B professional parents seek a professional partner living in UK or Europe for their daughter pretty, slim 36 yrs. 5'3" UK graduate, employed in UK with assets. 



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