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DateLine Sunday, 23 September 2007





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LTTE cadres surrender in large numbers

Outfit in total disarray

The LTTE cadres in the North are now surrendering to the Armed Forces following dissatisfaction in the organisation. According to defence sources, the outfit is in total disarray with several senior cadres including the leader of the political wing of the LTTE S.P. Thamilselvan expressing dissatisfaction over the current stance taken by the LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran to ignore the political approach and to concentrate more on the military build-up.

The defence sources added that more than seven LTTE cadres surrendered to the Armed Forces along with their weapons on Friday in the outskirts of the Wanni and added that more were to follow suit.

With major air attacks by the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) on the LTTE's military base at Vishwamadu, the LTTE cadres in the Forward Defence Lines (FDLs) in the Wanni are now surrendering daily to the Army and Police as they fear that the Security Forces are planning a major attack soon.

According to Defence Ministry sources, seven LTTEers surrendered to the Police and two other terrorists to the Sri Lanka Army yesterday. Informed sources told the 'Sunday Observer' that the morale of the LTTE cadres in the FDLs is very low with the major defeats on the LTTE after they lost their floating warehouses a few weeks ago and the recent attack on their regimental complex - Imbran Pandyan- in Vishwamadu, west of Pudukudiyurippu, Mullaithivu.

"The LTTE cadres surrendered to the Security Forces after we started attacking the main targets of the LTTE. The cadres have lost faith on account of attacks on their lives and property", the sources said.

Following intelligence information, SLAF fighter jets bombed the regimental complex, where a meeting of high-ranking LTTE leaders was being held. The location is believed to be one of the LTTE's main meeting points.

According to informed sources, it is believed that some top LTTE leaders, who were participating in the meeting at the Complex, were killed by the air strikes.

A spokesman for the Media Centre for National Security said that a large number of vehicles belonging to the LTTE were also destroyed by the Kfir and Mig fighter jets which pounded the Pudukudiyiruppu area. A large arsenal built underground in the same area was also destroyed by the SLAF.

Defence sources also said that the LTTE was now busy conscripting members in the Wanni for its fighting cadres irrespective of age and gender.

Meanwhile, several pro-LTTE supporters abroad have also called upon the organisation to give up its preparations for an onslaught and return to the negotiating table, the sources said.


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