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DateLine Sunday, 18 November 2007





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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Australian resident G/B professionally employed parents seek a well mannered partner (preferably below 27 years of age) from a similar family for their well accomplished, fair, beautiful daughter, brought up with traditional Sri Lankan values, 23 yrs. 5'7", medical student graduating in 2010. Will be in Colombo during Dec. 07. Please e-mail with family details, and horoscope. [email protected]

A B/G Senior Banker parents from Colombo suburb seek educated son for their youngest pretty daughter 25 5'5" Vishakian. Graduate Teacher attached to leading international school Colombo. Inherits assets Kuja in 7. Reply in Sinhala English with horoscope.

A tall, handsome, qualified affluent and well employed son sought by professional, highly connected, Govi - Catholic parents for daughter, 5'6" tall, 27 yrs. academic / professionally qualified, with considerable assets. Send all deails in first letter. Email only: [email protected]

Aunty seeks kind hearted honest tall handsome educated partner sober habits for divorced daughter as plaintiff innocent party (proposed marriage) married one month 37 yrs 5'3" Govi Buddhist very fair beautiful slim (brought up in Sri Lankan values and traditions) living in Europe owning valuable property in Sri Lanka. No encumbrances only persons 42 yrs or below may write Sri Lankans living in U.S.A., Canada, Australia considered widowers divorced unmarried without encumbrances may apply. Reply with horoscope, prospective bride will be in Sri Lanka from 28th October to 28th Decembr 2007. Call (94)0602431460 or 94-33-2273071 between 9 - 10 p.m. E-mail: [email protected]

Academically qualified sober partner preferably working in UK is sought by G/B professional parents for youngest daughter IT BSc (SL) MSc (UK) Age 30, 5' 2" fair pretty working in UK. She will inherit a big house and other assets. Early responses are appreciated.

A G/B parent from Colombo seeks qualified & caring partner for slim, pleasant, accomplished daughter 5'3", 32 yrs. qualified Finance professional, starting work in Australia, having PR. [email protected]

A Sinhalese R/C family seeks a professional partner for pretty kind hearted graduate Accountant daughter 35 yrs 5'5" well employed in blue chip company, owns car other assets. Willing to migrate. [email protected]

Brother in Sri Lanka seeks marriage partner for sister G/B 25, 5' pleasant, Canadian citizen working in reputed Canadian company. He shall be a teetotaller doing higher studies / working. Please reply with horoscope, family details. [email protected]

B/G parents in Colombo seek a professionally academically qualified non-smoking teetotaller son for their very beautiful slim 5'4" 28 years graduate English fluent daughter employed in private sector as an executive non-malefic horoscope. Reply English or Sinhala with family details horoscope and contact number. e-mail: [email protected]

Catholic Sinhalese parents from Colombo seek a Catholic Professional Partner, below 37 years, employed in Australia or willing to migrate to Australia, for daughter Medical Doctor, Australian Graduate, working in Melbourne, in Physicians Training Programme, age 28, 5' 3" pretty, with substantial assets and Australian PR in 2008. Parents can meet in Sri Lanka or in Australia between 15/12/2007 and 08/01/2008. Please e-mail details to mail to : [email protected]

Colombo Govi Buddhist family seeks suitable partner in Colombo or outstation with steady employment or business for youngest sister formerly primary trained teacher at leading private school 39 yrs. fair, slim, pretty, 5'3" legally divorced one yr. marriage innocent party with no encumbrances. Monthly income thirty thousand. Dowry thirty lakhs in cash. Only widowers and legally divorced may reply. Caste, religion immaterial.

Expatriate parents seek partner for professionally qualified daughter aged 30 years who is fair and slim, currently working in Southern Africa. Eligible bridegroom should also be a professional willing to migrate. Contact 94-78-5132233 or [email protected]

Father seeks professionally qualified son for only daughter aged 35, pretty fair slim 5'4" tall looks much younger, employed as Senior Officer in Airline, holidaying here in December. Respond with details, horoscope. [email protected]

Fair Govi dowry house from Wattala worth over 80 lakhs cash 1 lakh. Age 38, 5'4". Race religion immaterial.

GB parents father Engineer Managing partner consultancy firm and vice Chairman Govt. construction company seek suitable partner for widowed daughter looking young and pleasant 46 No children Revenue Manager Overseas Hotel Group excellent conditions, assets Kandy 94-776-573028.

G/B parents residing abroad seek proposals for their second daughter, 30 years, 5'3" B.Sc and M.Sc from a top US university and well employed there. Preference to US based grooms / those studied abroad. Please reply via e-mail: [email protected]

G/B parents living in Canada seek a suitable partner for their daughter 30 yrs. very pretty fair, 5'2" tall, university educated and employed. Please reply with horoscope Email: [email protected]

Govi Catholic parents seek a professoinally qualified partner below 30 for their only daughter residing in Australia hold P.R. and graduate working at Chartered Accountancy firm in Australia. Age 24, 5' 4 1/2". Visits Sri Lanka in mid December. T.No. 94-11-2926480.

Govi B/C parents seek caring sober habits partner below 34 years doctor engineer accountant with postgraduate qualifications diplomat or educated and well established businessman for only child 27+ slim attractive with postgraduate qualifications from very prestigious university abroad CIMA part qualified, presently employed. Willing relocate preferably US or U.K. Will inherit substantial assets. Please reply with horoscope family details and telephone number.

GB parents resident in UK seek a suitable partner for British Citizen daughter, 36, looks much younger and very attractive, She was educated in UK and holds a Ph.D in Civil Engineering. She will be coming to Sri Lanka in December to take up employment. Caste immaterial. Please send full details and horoscope in the first letter or email [email protected]

Govi Buddhist retired parents seek young handsome Doctor / Engineer for their 29 years 5'4" slim smart pretty Doctor, daughter. Reply with horoscope 94-34-2228578. [email protected]

G/B parents living in USA seek a decent son with similar background for the elder daughter who is a final year medical student. She is also completing her PhD by next year. She is 29 years old and her height is 5'3". She is beautiful and bears an excellent character. Please contact with details, and a copy of horosope, geunine response will be appreciated. Cont: [email protected]

Homagama Buddhist Govi 39, 5'1" Management External Degree holder fair and young-looking daughter mother seeks suitable partner.(94)0602174625.

Kandyan DB mother seeks suitable partner from respectable family for daughter 28+ 5'7" fair slim USA PhD student visiting SL in December. Only brother MBBS Doctor. Reply with contact No.

Mother seeks G/B daughter cute smart 25 yrs. divorcee willing to migrate Australia UK USA Canada prefer foreigners and others considered etc. immaterial. [email protected]

Muslim parents of Sri Lankan origin, living in Singapore seek a professionally qualified (graduate / accountant / engineer / doctor) & religious groom aged 23-26 from a respectable family; preferably educated / lived (ing) abroad, for their 20 year old daughter 5' 3" fair, slim and pretty, graduating from university in 2008. Reply with full details to email: [email protected]

Nugegoda BG mother seeks professionally qualified partner for pretty graduate (Chemistry Special) daughter 30 years 5'2" working as Senior Asst. Chemist in a private firm. Shani 7. [email protected]

Parents wish to introduce a suitably qualified partner to our very beautiful, well accomplished only daughter, a Doctor in Clinical Psychology, 27 years of age, for friendship leading to marriage. USA educated and living in the USA, inheriting millions worth of assets in Sri Lanka and overseas. A Christian from a respectable family, age 27 to 32 years, with similar background, please write with full details.

Parents retired Bank Executives, having PR status in USA, seek a suitably qualified partner from USA or willing to reside in USA, for daughter attractive and pleasant, respects Sinhala cultural values, 32+ 5' 7" with PhD, employed as a Research Scientist in a multinational pharmaceutical company. Govi, Karawe and Buddhist, Catholic preferred. Respond with horoscope or date and time of birth and family details. Tel. 2954234 Email [email protected]

Parents are looking for an educated Buddhist kind-hearted fair-looking partner from a respectable family willing to live in U.S.A. for their 25 year old very attractive eldest daughter Engineer by profession working for a leading Company. She was previously married and got divorced after few months as innocent party. Email full details with the horoscope to [email protected]

Respectable S/B affluent parents from Colombo suburb seek a professional / educated businessman (from here or abroad) for professional 26 years old Colombo Convent educated fair pretty accomplished daughter (5ft 2"). Presently reading for MBA and employed in a managerial position in a conglomerate. Assets lux house and commercial property over 45 mil. Please reply with family details & horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Respectable Sinhala Buddhist parents looking for a suitable partner for their daughter working in London MSc height 5'6" age 29. [email protected]

Respectable Catholic Sinhala parents seek educated handsome partner for pretty daughter born, raised in Canada with Sri Lankan values. 5' 5" 24 years, professionally qualified working as dental hygienist will be in Sri Lanka December. Reply with details email: [email protected]

Respectable Govi Buddhist parents seek professionally qualified partner for their pretty fair slim 39 years very young looking 5'6" daughter with PhD in Chemistry attached to a prestigious university in USA. Brought up according to traditional Sinhala Buddhist values. Owns considerable property worth millions. Email : [email protected]

Respectable Govi Buddhist parents residing in Australia seek academically / professionally qualified partner with good character for very attractive well brought up daughter 25, Uni qualified (B.Com) Accountant. She is well employed at present and will be completing her professional qualification (CA) soon. Malefic horoscope. Please write with family details and horoscope. All correspondence will be treated with utmost confidentiality. E-mail: [email protected]

Respectable S/G/B professional parents from Pelawatta seek a well employed professionally qualified partner for their 30 Y. slim, fair, smart, only-child, 5' 3" English (Hon.) Colombo, State Counsel, with (ATCL), dual Australian citizen, match Rahu-7. Rewathi preferred. Please send son's horoscope, family details, contact numbers. [email protected]

Sri Lankan Catholic parents / Australian citizens seek a Professional partner below 30 years for their only child, daughter 25 years, professionally qualified, works for Australian Federal Government. Preferably those living in Australia or willing to migrate. E-mail: [email protected]

Sinhalese Buddhist mother seeks a professionally qualified partner below 46 yrs preferably living in UK for Doctor daughter 39 yrs 5'2" living in U.K. divorced no encumbrances. Will be visiting Sri Lanka in December 2007. E-Mail: [email protected]

Sinhala B/G/K parents residing in New Zealand seek a suitable partner who wishes to work and live in NZ for their only daughter who is 23 years old 5'7" university educated kind-hearted pretty with medium complexion and currently working in an Investment Bank in NZ. [email protected]

Sri Lankan Muslim parents, Australian residents, seek suitable partner for pretty daughter 27 years qualified Accountant with Islamic values and beliefs.

Western Province respectable Govi Buddhist English trained Teacher age 39 but looks younger pleasant and attractive unblemished character 5'2" height parents look for a well-employed steady person or educated well settled businessman in the age group of 40-48 within Colombo/Gampaha districts. Malefic horoscope. Dowry available with a good portion of cash. Reply in detail with copy of horoscope.

B/K well connected parents from Colombo seek well educated professionally qualified partner for daughter aged 26 years, 5 4 tall, fair, educated in a leading Colombo School, graduate of Colombo University and A.C.M.A. She works for a foreign company in Sri Lanka. Dowry substantial assets. Reply with horoscope [email protected]
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