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DateLine Sunday, 24 February 2008





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Government Gazette

Children : the victims of the silent killer ?

The adverse impact of Second Hand Tobacco Smoke (SHS):

Speaking on the current rate of tobacco prevalence in Sri Lanka Director National Curative Diseases Dr. Lakshmi Somatunga stated that tobacco prevalence among men is 25 per cent and it is less than 1 per cent among women. Thus children are at a risk of being exposed to Second Hand Smoke.

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Myth of Prince Diyasena

From yetis to unicorns, man's enthusiasm for myths is undying:

After the 2550 Buddha Jayanthi, since no such saviours turned up, the concept of a Prince Diyasena seemed to ebb. However it was not allowed to totally erase from the minds of the people because of a certain ola leaf that has provided vital evidence to support this theory, that exists in the National Museum to this day. This ola leaf containing the Sumana sutta was found from a temple in Algamuwa.

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Humanist and actor par excellence

The 20th death anniversary of Vijaya Kumaratunga:

Ganga Addara Ma sihil senehi ... The immortal lines of the theme song of the film Ganga Addara by Sumithra Peries, will linger in the hearts and minds of thousands of Sri Lankan filmgoers with the young and iconic image of Vijaya Kumaratunga, aptly dubbed as the heart throb of Sri Lankan cinema.

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Sunday Meeting
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BodY & Soul

Sunday Crime

Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
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