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DateLine Sunday, 24 February 2008





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The power that can take the country forward

Youth has the power to take the country forward in all areas politically, economically and socially and due to this reason Youth Core was founded. The interview was given to the Sunday Observer by the Director of the Youth Core Piyatissa Ranasighe to reminisce over the projects and programmes of the previous year and to discuss the new projects and developments to be made for the year 2008.

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Ramba Raja Maha Vihara

From past history to excavations, restorations and conservation:

The Ramba Raja Maha Vihara the Central Cultural Triangle Project sponsored by the UNESC, is located in the Walawe Basin lying in the lintels of the Hambantota district on the Colombo-Ratnapura-Pelmadulla-Embilipitiya-Nonagama Junction, about 12 miles away from Embilipitiya where I have been presently domiciled for over 37 years.

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'Protect Sri Lanka's coral reefs'

Biological wonders of the sea, rich biodiversity among the largest and oldest living communities of plants and animals on earth having evolved between 200 and 450 million years ago: the coral reef condition in Sri Lanka has shown a progressive decline within the last three decades. In 1998 following the bleaching event induced by the El Nino as well the tsunami that hit Sri Lanka in 2004 there was accelerated decline of the reefs and recovery after 1998 has been slow.

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Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
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