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DateLine Sunday, 20 April 2008





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LTTE wants UNOCHA and INGOs to team up

For anti Sri Lankan propaganda:

It has been reported through reliable sources, that LTTE terrorists in two recent meetings with UNOCHA (United Nations Office for Coordinating Humanitarian Affairs) representatives in Kilinochchi and Batticaloa have asked the UN Body to undertake false propaganda against the Sri Lankan government.

According to sources, the terror outfit has also asked the UNOCHA representatives to team up with a few INGOs infiltrated by LTTE agents for the pursuit of its war efforts.

The sources close to the UNOCHA said that the UN officials had a meeting with LTTE cadres on 7th April in Kilinochchi at which the LTTE had informed the UN body to embark on a fresh propaganda mission to save the terror outfit from the approaching military defeat.

As specified by the LTTE representatives during the meeting, their leader had wanted the UN body to isolate the Sri Lankan government among the International Community and to stop all foreign aid coming to the country so that the terrorist outfit can gain further leverage on its campaign against the Sri Lankan government and its citizens, sources said.

Further, the outfit had requested the UN body to mislead the international community over ground realities by not referring to issues detrimental to the terror outfit such as child conscription, suicide terrorism, using of human shields, etc from their reports.

The UN officials were also asked to hold the government responsible for all sufferings of the people living under LTTE tyranny while doing all they can to purge the terror outfit from responsibility for all such issue situations, the sources added.

During the Batticaloa meeting, learnt through its sources that the UN OCHA officials were asked to embark on a special mission to impede the government’s effort to restore democracy in the area.

The sources said the LTTE agents expressed their worries over the government’s effort to restore democracy in the east and its mega development activities in the area that the outfit would lose all its influence over the people.

Having understood that any such improvement in living conditions of the Eastern people will further damage its image among the Wanni people, the LTTE has tried to convince the UN officials that the Eastern poll should be stopped for the best interest of the terrorist outfit, the sources added.

Therefore, what the LTTE wanted the UN body to do at the Batticaloa meeting was to create a false picture to the world that the provincial election in the East is a ploy and to discourage the foreign aid coming for the development activities in the east, the sources said.

Meanwhile, further learned through its sources that LTTE had asked the following INGOs to lead the false propaganda campaigns for the outfit along with the UNOCHA in the countries mentioned against their names; Care- UK Oxfam- UK Norwegian Peoples Aid - Norway Norwegian Refugee Council - Norway Forut - The EU MSF- The EU Save the Children - The USA/ Canada World Vision- The USA/ Canada The LTTE is a terrorist outfit fighting for a mono-ethnic separate homeland for the Tamils in Sri Lanka since 1983.

During its decades old terror campaign against Sri Lankan citizens, the LTTE has killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians in village massacres, bus bombings, train bombings, suicide bombings, mosque massacres, temple massacres, etc.

However, due to its widespread propaganda machinery and through its agents in many international bodies that act as humanitarian missions, the LTTE has been able to showcase itself as a rebel organization fighting against racial discrimination.

Despite its claim to be the sole representative of the Tamil community; many moderate Tamils admit that no other party has caused death and destruction to the Tamils to the extent that LTTE has.

A large majority of the Sri Lankan Tamils live in harmony with the other communities in the South irrespective of the LTTE’s tribal claims that racial violence exists in the country.

It is worthwhile noting that the LTTE has been able to fund its bloodshed in Sri Lanka mostly through effective false propaganda campaigns conducted with the help of unscrupulous INGOs.

At present, the “dollar vultures” of such vicious INGOs in this country are equally anxious as the LTTE about the effective counter terror measures taken by the present government, for fear that their “War of Fortune” will be ended. does not wish to comment whether the UNOCHA officials or the above-mentioned INGO representatives had agreed to carryout the orders of LTTE’s megalomaniac leadership or not. Only their future actions would prove their integrity.



Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Ceylinco Banyan Villas

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