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Sunday, 11 January 2009





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Stern action against errant bus owners

Stern action will be taken against bus owners who do not comply with the regulation to reduce bus fares, said Chairman, National Transport Commission (NTC), Prof. Amal Kumarage.

"Over 95 per cent of the bus operators have complied with the regulation and have accepted it as a fair move to pass on the benefit of the global oil price reduction", he said.

The NTC has deployed flying squads to apprehend bus operators who do not comply with the regulation to reduce bus fares. Investigations will be held and route permits of those who had failed to comply with the regulation will be cancelled.

He said certain bus owners of various Unions have refused to comply with the regulation of the 4.3 per cent overall bus fare reduction imposed by the Ministry of Transportation stating that they cannot reduce fares due to the maintenance and other additional expenses.

A spokesman for the All Ceylon Bus Owners Federation (ACBOF) said they are unable to reduce bus fares by even a lower percentage due to the expenses they have to bear on licencing, insurance and other requirements.

"The NTC should have informed the Federation before implementing the new bus fare structure. On all previous occasions Unions were informed of bus fare revisions", he said.

Prof. Kumarage said the NTC is implementing a decision of the Transport Ministry and if any bus operator cannot comply, the route permit will be cancelled.

The Ceylon Transport Board and private bus owners in provinces have complied with the regulation which came into effect on January 6.

The NTC has taken steps to streamline sections of bus routes and ensure that conductors issue tickets with the revision. Conductors have been charging Rs. 6 for the first kilometre as well for four kilometres. The bus fare reduction do not apply to the first two sections. Bus fares are revised annually and an interim revision is made if world oil prices to surge.



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