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Sunday, 11 January 2009





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Government Gazette

Kilinochchi - LTTE’s ‘Waterloo’

An interview with TULF President V. Anandasangaree:

TULF leader Veerasingam Anandasangaree represented Kilinochchi for more than a decade in Parliament since 1970. It was during his period in 1977 Kilinochchi was established as a separate district. He described that LTTE’s `jungle law’ prevailed since 1995 in Kilinochchi with its police and courts until the region was liberated by the Security Forces with the dawn of 2009.

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Sunday Commentary:

First, Tamil unity Next, a solution!

THE country is now on the pathway to meet the urgent need to affirm the national character in our society with LTTE terrorism being crushed. Because, it’s time that we recognise and identify ourselves as one people of one country. The world must recognise us as Sri Lankans and not by our respective ethnicity.

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Ethics and humane use of violence


Sri Lanka recognised the Cuban revolution almost hours after it was born, in 1959, itself. The ruling party which started this, once again, is in office today. And this was a major change for us, because just before that, the Sri Lankan Government that was in office before was a government that did not recognise, that did not have diplomatic relations with either Russia or China.

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