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Sunday, 11 January 2009





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March towards victory

LTTE cornered in Mullaitivu

After the opening of A9 road and the fall of Elephant Pass, the LTTE is virtually trapped in a corner mainly within the Mullaitivu district. The LTTE is facing the brunt from seven divisions of the Sri Lanka Army, i.e. 55 and 53 Divisions of the Northern front, 58, 57, 59, Task Force 03 and 04 from the Vanni front.

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Commanders celebrate A-9 victory

The national flag fluttered in the breeze in the open terrain of Elephant Pass yesterday as the Security Forces Commanders of Jaffna and Wanni shook hands in the centre of Elephant Pass to mark the historic moment of opening the Jaffna-Kandy A-9 Road with the capture of Elephant Pass.

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Div. 59 steps on to fourth LTTE airstrip

Troops attached to 59 Division captured yet another airstrip, the fourth during Vanni Operations yesterday. According to the Media Centre for National Security this 2.5km long and 100m wide strip lies 5 km west of the Mullaitivu lagoon.

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Forces advance towards Mullaitivu:

LTTE on last legs

If there were any fastest move in the battlefront since the commencement of the Mavil Aru battle, it was witnessed within the first ten days of the year 2009 with the most prestigious Tiger strongholds falling to the Security Forces.

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Col. Kumarasinghe’s funeral toady


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