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Sunday, 11 January 2009





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Civilian influx greater

Seven civilians including a three-year-old infant was killed yesterday by the LTTE during an escape effort towards the Murusamoddai which was recently liberated by the troops attached to the 58 Division, military records reaching Colombo stated. Four men and two women have died in this brutal attack. Two civilians were injured during this incident.

A total of 56 civilians were in this escaping group before the tragedy and the other 49 people are now with the protection of the Army personnel of the 58 Division. The incident took place during the wee hours of yesterday.

According to confirmed military reports around 522 civilians have reached the recently liberated areas since January 1 this year, Military Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said. By yesterday 4 civilians reached Vettilikerni area while another group of 31 including 8 women, 18 men and 5 children, were rescued by the Sri Lanka Army while they were stranded in the Soranpattu area two days ago, according to ground sources.

Last Friday, 20 civilians reached Kudaththanai area in Jaffna seeking safety of the Sri Lanka Army. After extending necessary treatment and care these people were handed over to the Government officials in Jaffna.

In the Kilinochchi district, 26 civilians have reached Thauvankoddi of Wadakachchi area last Friday seeking refuge. Troops attached to the 57 division have taken care of these people and have handed over to the Government officials in Vavuniya.

With the recapture of Elephant Pass after nine years and the A-9 Road becoming totally safe almost after 23 years the Government officials of the various line Ministries were getting prepared to take care of civilians, providing them with maximum care and security.

According to Secretary, Ministry of Resettlement and Disaster Relief Services, A.C.M. Razik, around 1200 people are in the welfare centres set up in Vavuniya. “For this year Rs. 30 million have been allocated by the Government for the benefit of these centres,” Razik said.

Shelters will be provided to each family with food, water, sanitary, clothing and medical facilities under the supervision of the Vavuniya District Secretary (Government Agent).



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