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Sunday, 11 January 2009





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ETI expands at Kurunegala

ETI, one of the most successful and stable finance companies in the country, has upgraded its previous branch presence by opening a brand-new fully fledged branch office at Kurunegala, further expanding the scope of ETI’s existing operations in the region.

Opened by Chairperson Dr. Soma Edirisinghe, the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer Mahendra De Silva, this office will now offer customers an even more extensive range of finance facilities including leasing, hire purchase, fixed deposits, pawning, gold sales, property development, real estate, trade finance, import and sale of vehicles, and now, agro-business as well.

These services cater to firms and customers from all walks of life; whether it’s obtaining a letter of credit on behalf of a company or discreetly taking care of a client’s pawning needs, ETI is committed to delivering the highest levels of customer service.

Senior Manager, Chandana Dassanayake said “although competition in the area is high, we are confident that our personalised service, attractive rates, and in-depth knowledge of the market will enable us to increase our turnover by 100% by next year,” adding that the company seeks to dominate the markets for hire purchase and leasing. ETI plans on opening smaller window offices around the region that will be connected to the company’s high-tech branch network, to maximize its opportunities and deliver an enhanced customer service experience.

Speaking of the strength of the EAP Edirisinghe Group of Companies, Chairperson Dr. Soma Edirisinghe said that “even with a difficult financial climate, ETI has managed to record impressive growth” which she attributed to “a focus on continually improving our service and our products and pioneering new concepts as well.”

Senior Manager Chandana Dassanayake points to the importance of being backed by a financial powerhouse, commenting that “the success of our business relies on the level of trust that customers have in ETI.

It is all about building strong relationships with those in our community.”

Dassanayake said that “people from Kurunegala are very business-minded and particular about where they invest their money.

In fact, our Kurunegala office has been the most profitable business unit in the company since we opened our previous branch office in 2006, which speaks to the level of trust that we have built up in the region.”



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