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Sunday, 11 January 2009





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Winner of Santa’s gift is: Sandani Manthila Liyange of Sujatha Balika Vidyalaya, Matara.(No.89, Abeygunarathne Mawatha,Welegoda,Matara) Answer: Peace

Win a prize

Word hunt

Look at the picture clues and fill in the words. The boxes in each block correspond with the number of letters in each word. Good luck!

Every week we will feature a different competition in this page which will give an opportunity for readers (5-16) to participate and win a gift pack containing useful printed matter from Symtra (Pvt) Ltd. of 114, Maliban Street, Colombo, pioneers of paper art and stickers. One winner will be picked through a draw each week, and the winner's name, along with the correct answer or answers will be published in this page, under the title of the competition.

The gift pack will be mailed under registered cover to the winners by Symtra (Pvt) Ltd, once the names are published. Entries for the competition should be mailed to 'Win a prize', C/o Junior Observer, Lake House,35, D.R. Wijewardene Mawatha, Colombo 10 on or before Thursday this week. The Editor's decision will be final.

Write your name, school and home address clearly.






Number patterns

Little Premila is keen on learning to count. She is interested in studying the counting tables, but she needs a little help from you to do so. Look at the number patterns and fill in the missing numbers. Then write what tables she is studying in the blank spaces.







Calendar grid

We have ushered in a New Year and are still in the month of January which is the first month in the calendar. There are twelve months in a year as you all know. Hidden in the grid are the names of these twelve months. Find them using the clues given here.

The Sinhala names of the months are also given under it to familiarise you with the English names given for each month. The Poya Day of each month is identified by these names.












Opposites attract

Take a close look at the pictures given in the two columns on the left. You will notice some differences. The picture in one column is the opposite of a similar picture in the other column. See if you can match the opposites.



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