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Word order in English

Nandani almost forgot to bring her notebook.

The verb and the object usually go together. Normally other words are not put in between them.

		verb		object
Cats	 	like  		fish.
Cows 	 	eat  		grass.
Sarojini 	plays  		table-tennis.
Mother 		cooks 		food.
We 		enjoyed 	the meal.
She 		lost 		her purse.

The verb and the place go together.

		verb 		place 
Children 	go		home. 
Maya 		lives 		in a village. 
Chamara		drives		to office. 
Latha		walks 		to school. 
Let's 		meet 		in office. 

The place comes after the object.

		Verb 		object		 place 
I'll 		take		you 		home. 		
Sena 		speaks		English 	in the class. 	
Susima 		teaches 	French 		at university. 
Douglas		drives 		a car 		to the supermarket. 
The judge	passed 		the 		judgement in courts. 

Time is used after place.

			place		 time 

The bridge has already fallen into the river.

Savithri walks to	school 		everyday. 	
Gnanam was in		Malaysia 	last year. 	
Shyama lived in this 	house		 for ten years. 
You must be 		here at		 8 o'clock . 
Lakshan goes to 	bed late. 


Time may be placed at the beginning of a sentence.

On Friday our school is celebrating its golden jubilee.

Every morning Mary gets up at 5 o'clock.

In January last year we had no rain.

Some adverbs go with the verb in the middle of a


Cathy always quarrels with her brother.

As a general rule the adverb is placed before the verb.

Nandani almost forgot to bring her notebook.

Diana did her homework and also watched television.

My grandfather hardly ever watches television.

Some people rarely read newspapers.

Dharman often forgets to lock the front door.

Commuters always wait for the train.

However, adverbs are used after 'be' verbs.

(am, is, are, was, were, be, been, being)

You're never on time, the teacher said when I came

to the class.

Chitra was feeling tired and she was also hungry.

If there are two verbs the adverb can be used in

between them.

I can never forget my parents.

Ladies don't usually smoke.

You are probably mistaken.

They have always lived in Colombo.

She can't even make a cup of tea!

The bridge has already fallen into the river.

Test your vocabulary

Find the closest definition and underline it.

Check your answers with the solution.

1. dishevelled: (a) untidy (b) barbarous (c) intelligent

2. baffling: (a) charming (b) good (c) puzzling

3. lenient: (a) short (b) not strict (c) dead

4. repulsive: (a) disgusting (b) beautiful (c) usual

5. audacious: (a) useful (b) bold (c) mad

6. prevalent: (a) fatal (b) widespread (c) catchy

7. ominous: (a) truth (b) threatening (c) simple

8. incredible: (a) unbelievable (b) truthful (c) sharp

9. ophthalmologist: (a) skin doctor (b) heart specialist (c) eye specialist

10. supersede: (a) repeal (b) take the place of (c) continue

11. anonymous: (a) not known (b) well known (c) rich

12. indefatigable: (a) fast (b) crude (c) tireless

13. atheist: (a) believer in God (b) disbeliever in God (c) monk

14. loquacity: (a) talkativeness (b) poverty (c) foul smell

15. incorrigible: (a) wise (b) fast (c) beyond correction

16. ocular: (a) unnecessary (b) visual (c) continuous

17. affluence: (a) wealth (b) soil (c) poverty

18. gourmet: (a) greedy eater (b) chef (c) connoisseur of good food

19. magnanimous: (a) big (b) generous (c) lavish

20. clandestine: (a) secret (b) open (c) very important

21. nostalgic: (a) nausiating (b) painless (c) homesick

22. antipathy: (a) honesty (b) hostility (c) fright

23. intrepid: (a) fearless (b) callous (c) inexperienced

24. taciturn: (a) talkative (b) disinclined to conversation (c) charming



UAE United Arab Emirates

UC Urban Council

UDI Unilateral Declaration of Independence

UFO Unidentified Flying Object

UGC University Grants Commission

UHF Ultra - high frequency

UK United Kingdom

UNCAST (acronym) United Nations Conference on

the Applications of Science and Technology

UNCED (acronym) United Nations Conference

on Environment and Development

UNCITRAL (acronym) United Nations Commission

on International Trade Law

UNCLOS (acronym) United Nations Conference on

the Law of the Sea

UNCSTD United Nations Conference on Science

and Technology for Development

UNCTAD (acronym) United Nations Conference on

Trade and Development

UNDP United Nations Development Programme


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