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Low in substance, low in style

The Darusman Panel is grossly misleading about the way in which surrendees were handled. It sneers at Government figures for those in detention as former combatants, by claiming that “The tally includes people who did not take part in fighting or who were only recruited in the final weeks or days”.

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The tentative world of Darusman Panellists

Having now seen more of the report, I am impressed by the skill with which the three Panellists have woven a highly emotive narrative out of hearsay. It is noteworthy that they rarely commit themselves, which suggests that they have not abandoned all understanding of basic principles of evidence.

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The many personalities of ‘Kiki’ Darusman

One of the more astonishing features of the Darusman Panel is the character of its chairman. I have in fact met him, for he has participated in workshops organised by the Council for Asian Liberals and Democrats, which I now chair.

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Panel Report fails to recognize:

Terrorists, biggest violators of HR - Prof. Rohan Gunaratna

Prof. Rohan Gunaratna, an international counter terrorism expert who has closely researched LTTE’s evolution and it’s warfare says the UN report fails to recognize terrorists are the biggest violators of human rights although it has recognised the LTTE as a terrorist organisation.

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