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Finco expands with Uga Resorts

The Uga Resorts

The Finco Group, a pioneer in manufacturing will expand its leisure sector with the launch of two luxury boutique hotels in exotic locations in the East. The two properties to be set up in Kuchchaveli and Passikudah at a cost of Rs. 2.5 billion will add 100 rooms to the hotel sector.

The Jungle Beach and the Uga Bay resorts to be set up in the serene beaches of the East coast will be the latest additions to the Uga chain of resorts. The Jungle Beach resort, a 10-acre property consists of thick vegetation and the Ugh Bay, an eight-acre property with the off-shore reef on the southern side of the bay is a major attraction of the resort.

Vice Chairman Finco Group, Harsha De Saram said the objective of setting up the resorts is to cater to the high end tourist segment and identify niche markets for sustainable tourism.“Work on the two properties has commenced and they will be in operation by mid next year”, he said. The Jungle Beach resort which is built in the thick woods is the first hotel project to be launched in the Kuchchaveli Tourism Development Zone.

De Saram said that the jungle beach concept was introduced to create an experience of the jungle and beach in one location. The Passikudah beach has been rated the best beach and an all year round holiday destination.

The luxury chalets with a beach frontage and a scenic view of the serene lagoon consists of modern facilities to offer the ideal ambience to holiday-makers.

Vice President Finco Group Priyanjith Weerasooriya said that each property consisting 50 chalets will be built using renewable resources in line with the concept of sustainable construction.

Uga Resorts are built to combine a holiday option complemented by an experience of authenticity.

Ugh Resorts Ltd is the leisure sector of Finco Holdings.

The Group owns the luxury boutique hotel Ulagalla Resort, a luxury resort in Anuradhapura.

The Finco Group, a family-owned business set up as a manufacturing entity in 1963 has diversified into construction, services and now the leisure sector.



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