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Helping the injured at Utoeya

Unfathomable terror in Norway

Norway lost its innocence on July 22. The events that took place in and around Oslo, the capital, would forever change one of the most peaceful countries. The country that awards the Nobel Prize for Peace lost its peace that Friday afternoon. The bomb that went off in the centre of Oslo claimed eight lives - and shattered the hopes of Norwegians - that their tranquil country would be spared of the terror that had gripped many other countries.

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Learn the art of self-disclosure

All of us have parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends and well-wishers. At one time or another, we feel the need of unburdening our minds by revealing our secrets or sharing our thoughts. The information we want to convey does not have to be a deeply hidden secret but it may be so. Over the years psychologists have paid close attention to this subject technically known as 'self-disclosure'. It simply means the voluntary act of verbally communicating about yourself to another person.

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