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Bangkok floods to ease early next month - PM

Floods engulfing parts of the Thai capital should start to recede soon, the prime minister said Saturday after barriers along Bangkok’s swollen main river prevented a disastrous overflow. The city of 12 million people was on heightened alert because of a seasonal high tide that was expected to coincide with the arrival of runoff water from the central plains,


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Mobile phone brain cancer link rejected

Further research has been published suggesting there is no link between mobile phones and brain cancer. The risk mobiles present has been much debated over the past 20 years as use of the phones has soared.

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South Sudan wants to join Commonwealth

The world’s newest nation, South Sudan, wants to join the Commonwealth, the bloc’s Assistant Secretary General Stephen Cutts said Saturday. The landlocked African country, which declared independence from Sudan in July after a long civil war, had recognised the potential benefits of becoming part of the 54-nation grouping,

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