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President Mahinda Rajapaksa addresses the Commonwealth Business Forum

President tells Commonwealth Business Forum :

Policy consistency and clarity, reasons for success of Lanka’s economy

* Equal priority to all macro-fundamentals

* Quick and confident action

* Multi-pronged initiatives under way

The fast growth in many Asian nations raise expectations of its people, who look for better standards of living and greater well-being. Fulfilling these expectations is another major task for Asian political and economic leaders. At present, many advanced nations suffer from high unemployment which has resulted in the first signs of political and social unrest being felt in those societies. Such situations, if allowed to escalate unchecked, could give rise to more serious political problems which could further threaten global economic stability.

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No room for LTTE again in the country:

Security Forces deployed to wipe out drug menace and underworld – Defence Secretary

Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, in a recent wide ranging interview with ITN, reiterated the Government’s commitment to wipe out the drug menace and protect the country’s sovereignty from internal and external threats. The Government would not leave any room for terrorism to raise its ugly head again and the Security Forces would remain eternally vigilant in this regard, Defence Secretary Rajapaksa stressed.

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Move to ease traffic congestion in Indepedence Square:

Uniflow traffic plan for Colombo City

The smooth flow of traffic in the Colombo city, the commercial capital of the country is a must considering the number of vehicles entering the city on a daily basis. To make this a reality, from time to time, the Police Traffic Division along with the other relevant agencies have come up with innovative traffic plans in different parts of the city.

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