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A depiction of the Theory of Evolution

Charles Darwin's 203rd birth anniversary:

The scientist who changed the world

The name Charles Darwin is synonymous with the Theory of Evolution. Before Darwin proposed that life forms gradually evolved on the Earth, there was a general belief that all life had been ‘created’ by God or a similar higher power. Darwin literally turned the world upside down with his then controversial (it still is in some quarters) theory On The Origin of Species, the very title of his explosive treatise on life published in 1859.

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Buddhist festivals around the world

Today, Buddhism is a world religion with about six billion followers. It is not only a religion, but also a great philosophy. Not a single phase of Buddhist history has ever been lurid with the light of inquisitorial fires, or darkened with the smoke of heretic or heathen cities ablaze or red with blood of the guiltiness victims of religious hatred.

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