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Let’s stop pollution!

Environment pollution means contaminating resources such as water, air and soil.

Today pollution is high in the world when compared to early days. As technology developed, the environment became more and more polluted. After the invention of fuel powered vehicles, air pollution increased rapidly.

Vehicles that give out smoke also give out carbon monoxide which damages the ozone layer by burning a hole in it. It takes millions of years to recover from this damage.

The hole created in the ozone layer lets in ultra violet rays of the Sun, damaging the skin of living beings and causing skin cancer.

Not only vehicles, but also freezers and air conditioners have the same impact. As a solution to this problem scientists have invented 100 per cent C.F.C. free freezers and air conditioners.Vehicle manufacturers too have an answer to this. It is powering vehicles by electricity. However, this is very expensive today.

Water pollution is another form of pollution which has become a problem. It is caused by adding chemicals, oils and other substances to waterways. We have only about one per cent of fresh water in the world.

If the water is polluted, the people who are responsible will be rewarded with illnesses. The sad fact is that even people who do not pollute natural resources and use precious resources such as water sparingly also have to suffer.


Sri Lanka’s development progress

My motherland Sri Lanka is a golden land. It is known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. Sri Lanka is identified as a Third World country. Even though during the past three decades all the development activities came to a halt, today development activities are rapidly increasing.

The Government has taken measures to rehabilitate many LTTE cadres and send them back to society. The Government has also created job opportunities for them to continue their normal lives, earning their bread and butter.

Sri Lanka started its development step by step. Many indigenous industries were started. Several years ago we imported many essential items and several local industries were closed down as a result. But today the situation has changed. With the commencement of local industries, the foreign exchange that was spent on imports has been saved. Many new markets have been found for our local products. Exports have increased and the income too has increased greatly.

Several new mega development projects have also been launched. The Magampura International Harbour was opened in 2011. It generated many job opportunities, especially for the youth. The Ihala Kotmale project was also opened recently. The Norochcholai project has also started operations. The development work of the Weerawila and Maththala International Airports are in progress. They too will be in operation in the near future.

The agriculture of the country is also fast developing. Tea, rubber and coconut cultivations are flourishing.Tourism is a rapidly developing industry today. Thousands of foreign tourists are visiting Sri Lanka. Many foreign and local tourists visit historical and also other interesting places situated in our golden motherland. Presently Sri Lanka is on a rapid course in development. The aim of the Government and the public is to make Sri Lanka the “Wonder of Asia”.

My favourite subjects

My favourite subjects are English and Art. English is an international language. It is spoken by most people in foreign countries. By learning English we can improve our writing skills and our knowledge. My English teacher is Ms Farah Zahir. She is kind. Her explanations are very clear.

She teaches me how to write essays and improve my vocabulary and spellings. She talks about the stories in the text books. She also teaches the students good behaviour.She is my class teacher too.

My Art teacher is Ms Nadeeshani Silva. She teaches me how to draw. She taught the students how to draw a waterfall, fruit basket and flower vase. I like to learn more about the subject because I like them very much.

Why destroy our lifeblood?

Water is our lifeblood. Without water no animal, bird or plant can live. Water is used for many purposes. Human beings use water for drinking, washing, cleaning, bathing, cooking food and growing crops. Animals and birds use water for bathing and drinking.

Earth is covered with lots of water bodies which are called oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. But we cannot use much of this water because it is salty.

Without water we cannot grow our crops or make our home gardens beautiful. Today most of the available sources of water have come under threat. This situation has come by because of man's actions. He pollutes water in many different ways. Dumping garbage into water ways, mixing chemicals with water are some of them. Water is so precious therefore it is our duty to protect this natural treasure for our next generation.

Gardening, a profitable hobby


My hobby is gardening. It is an interesting hobby. There is a small but beautiful plot of land next to my house where I do my gardening everyday in the morning and evening. My father says that he tills and levels the land for me to do gardening.

I have planted vegetables, fruits and flowers in the garden. Every week I collect the harvest. Flowering plants bear lots of beautiful flowers and their beauty and fragrance attract many birds, bees and butterflies into my garden.

Gardening gives me not only pleasure, but also a good income. By selling the produce of the garden, I earn some pocket money. I deposit the money in my bank account. So, gardening is a profitable hobby.

My best friends

Do you know my best friends?
They are very readable,
They have pages and letters on them
Start guessing who they are,
Yes, you are correct. They are my books!
I never eat without my best friends,
I never sleep without them,
I never go out without my best friends,
As I know their value!
I put covers on them and make them smile,
And they are kept not in a pile,
They help me at all times,
As I am with them all the time!
My best friends are silent around me,
But they mean a lot to me,
I know they are cleverer than me,
As they share their wisdom with me!
My best friends console me,
When I'm in trouble,
They never teach me,
To do wrong things or make trouble
I love them more each passing day,
As they dazzle me everyday!


Fire burns
It churns
Through the fireplace
It leaps
It rises
All around rough tree bark
Burns to a crunch crisp
Burns around wood
Burns marshmellows to black
It leaves a wreck
Things are black
Fire makes a big flare
All things go up in smoke

My favourite toy

My favourite toy is a remote controlled car. It is a small toy car operated by four batteries.

My toy car is blue in colour and has many wheels. It can move speedily and also turn automatically.

I love my toy car.


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