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Government Gazette
Jagath Wickremasinghe

Giving expressions to inexpressible craft

Jagath has placed his signature on the domain of popular music always up lifting the public taste. He has contributed for the creation of digital discourse in Sri Lankan music with exploring the hitherto unexplored territories fusing diverse traditions of music and deriving inspiration from different sources of music such as folk music, Western classical music and Hindustani music. A unique feature of his creations and compositions of music is the wide range of applications, infusing different tone colours and daring experiments such as playing Murdagam beats on the Tabla using modern sound management techniques and state- of-the art equipment.

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Salvaging the Kandula:

A historic salvage mission of SL Navy

It was a fateful day on which the ship Kandula belonging to the SL Navy was to be salvaged. Small but a dedicated team of SL Navy led by Retired Cdr. Tissa Goonatilleke was putting the final touches to a historic salvage mission to rescue the Kandula with underwater balloons fixed in,

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Venue of Buddha's Enlightenment

Buddhagaya, about 12 km South to the City of Gaya in Bihar, is one of the most sacred places for the six billion of Buddhists all over the world. It was here that Prince Siddhartha attained Enlightenment, the highest state of Samadhi in which the mind is awakened and illuminated.

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